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Nvidia RTX cards

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Quick and dirty update after watching several reviews that covered most of the questions we all had prior to release of the RTX 20XX series cards

15-25% increase in current games.

1080ti is equal to the RTX 2080 in current games.

Ray tracing is not out in any game currently...

Jay's 2cents 

Linus tech 

and gamer's nexus

all had the same thoughts after testing the new cards.

Unless you have money to burn or are several generations behind, its just not worth the extra cost to upgrade right now.

What are your thoughts??



144hz 4k the 2080 Ti wins hands down...

Under Construction

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I use a 2K monitor at 165hz with a mere 1080 (Not Ti) and have looked at upgrading but at this point it is NOT worth the cost.  

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good. Glad the new one isn't that great. Glad it just like a 1080ti....ill stick with my 2 ti's for a little longer thanks! haha

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I mean the RTX2080Ti is faster than a GTX1080Ti, like normal its about 15-20% faster than the last generations top tier card (excluding the Titan(s)). 

But the thing is the first year with new tech is always lame tech. IE: You wouldnt want to use said tech until it had time to advance a bit, so then your talking the 2180Ti cards or whatever they name the next ones..
Just like when G-Sync was the latest and greatest, it sucked for the first year or so. However I still dont use it to this date because it seems to still have to much input lag, and it seems to micro studder more. I sure know that if a monitor is G-sync compatible wont be a limiting factor or not when Im ready to upgrade my monitor.

As for what some reviewers have said any person that is a gamer playing games online in any sort of casual, competitive, or shooting game you will not want to use RTX in the games because it increases the input lag big time, something like 30-70ms.... So that pretty much means that RTX is going to be a useless technology that no one that plays online games will ever use, unless your playing a single player game where reaction times dont matter.



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