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I’ve always grounded to the body since there’s a battery ground to the body, this vehicle I decided to try the frame. Should I run a negative from my battery to frame or is just the frame itself good enough? I had to make my ground longer than I like it’s like 15 or 17 inches instead of a foot, then to a distro block with another 9-12 inches of 1/0, 



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13 hours ago, Broke_Audio_Addict said:

What type of vehicle is this?

Exactly this. Same thing I thought just reading the title. 

OP, you may not have a frame. Most newish rigs, are uni-body

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I agree both     frame to battery   and the ground  from the battery to the body,  the one that went from my  battery to the body on my tacoma was maybe  18 gauge , yeah it was  maybe  3 inch run , but it got an upgrade to  4 gauge just to be sure

I found the original body to  motor ground was the same  18g

I added a supercharger to my truck and under boost and under heavy bass lines my truck would misfire, this last over looked ground has helped that issue alot   



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