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Uninterrupted Build Logs - Anyone Else Want One?

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Hey guys, been doing work building my "Kickin' Cruiser", and so far so good! I've been getting quite a bit of comments, and that's cool and all. But the thread starts off kinda crappy, and I'm afraid a lot of people give up after the first page or two. So I was thinking an uninterrupted build log, to go along w/ the regular build log, would be in order. I know I don't have 15 pages yet, but I will. Believe that.

So anyway, keep up the good work guys! Thanks for your time!

So, is no reply a polite way of saying "NO"?

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Steve, I'm new to your site but I must say I have alot of respect for you. You may or may not remember Mike Barfield that held numerous World Records for years on end and I was a part of some of those builds so when I say I respect you for your talent it's sincere! I'm an self employed Automotive Repair shop owner by day and a bass junkie as a hobby, have been for over 18 years now. I'm doing a build and was wondering if you would feature it?

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I would love to have a UBL for my latest version of the Burban it's got over 1,000 reply's lol and like 40+ pages I know that gets old for people wanting to know about my truck and to many pages are just bs'n chitchat

Thanks guys


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