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  2. Added some component speakers to the door and deadened them. Need to get some better components soon. Added a AGM up front and rear. 4 channel amp for the highs
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  4. Professional installer Kenny of the world famous West Coast Customs build house sent over this sweet shot of some American made Second Skin Damplifier Pro being thrown down on one of the sweet Saleen S7 builds!!! Love seeing that ghosted Second Skin logo on these amazing projects.
  5. Ya I coulda swore I was gonna the auction but someone came in right at the end. The guy offered to sell them to me for $1800 plus shipping before the auction. Kinda wish I would done it now. $1000 per amp including shipping still woulda been a steal.
  6. Damn I didn’t make and account in time been busy
  7. I talked to the guy and it seemed legit. He sent me a bunch of pics of the amps. I bid on them but got sniped at the very end. They ended up going for $1599.90. What a steal.
  8. Still not able to get winisd to work with those subs. However. I have come to the conclusion that those subs are not suitable for the application I am after. ( loud, low bass ) they do hit pretty well dont get me wrong. Great for bump on a budget. I modelled another sub i have in mind on winisd ( one of the edge 15's, they are a european brand and im for england hence the choice. Its those or vibe really.) And it worked out great the parameters all went in great and the spl was well within expected raanges of what i had in mind. But a few questions spring to mind. How much can you realistically over size a ported sub box ? ( i feel 5.5 ft3 is a little small for 2 15's on 1000rms trying to hit 31hz) Would a bigger box help get louder lower ? ( like a 6ft3 box or 6.5ft3) This is kind of what i was trying to use winisd for.( dont know why it screws up on those rockford fosgates) All help is greatly appreciated and sorry for the long ass post.
  9. Just bought a sundown ZV5 15” I’m looking to build a box. I drive a 2017 Chevy Malibu and will be taking out the backseats to get more space and making a wall build. What are my best options for this vehicle as far as the box goes.
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