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  2. On these trucks it will always fluctuate. It's the battery current sensor. It's what it's supposed to do. the large case 250 from ces is a direct bolt on. No new belt needed. Just bolt in and go. It does 180 ish at idle. mine will be here in a few days. Coming from Ohio. Your setup. 2k watt amp. A 250 and an extra battery is more than enough
  3. You think a 250 and a extra batt will do the trick? So when running the 250, is it plug and play with stock? Does it no longer fluctuate voltage like the stock does? What do you recommend I do for wiring? And what did that 250 cost if you dont mind sharing?
  4. I just ordered a 250 amp hairpin from ces. I had tracking the same say. Gm alternators are usually next day out thing
  5. Actually 05 and up gm use the battery current sensor to regulate voltage when needed. You are charging high now which could damage the battery. if you run the new negative cable through the sensor. Just turn your headlights on and you'll charge in the mid to high 14s
  6. Nice. I'm battling voltage now on my truck. Not sure how I want to go about it. Running a DD m2a so a underrated 2k at .67 LOL. Voltage hog right now. I need to figure out an alternator solution. But I'm not sure how that works with the voltage reg clamp on the ground.
  7. Bigger battery, more capacity, more amp hours. CCA doesnt do you any good as your not starting your engine with them. Your using them for capacity
  8. Okay. Almost the same price as the group 65 Duracell I was looking at. So you think the Deep cycle factor will help me much ??? Either way, I will never sit with the truck off and stereo on. I've probably bought 20 big ass deep cycle lead acid batteries in my life, but they were all used for my electric trolling motors
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  10. 12,000 Watts? How? Amp Test ANY DAY! The SounDigital USA Evo 12000.1D torture tested through the NEW updated SMD QR-1 (and "bridged" QR-2) Quick-Release Neo Magnet Terminals - let's put it this way. I may have to re-rate them after this.
  11. 12,000 Watts? How? Amp Test ANY DAY! The SounDigital USA Evo 12000.1D torture tested through the NEW updated SMD QR-1 (and "bridged" QR-2) Quick-Release Neo Magnet Terminals - let's put it this way. I may have to re-rate them after this.
  12. Also its intended for daily lows not burps.
  13. I'm doing a new build with 8 hdx3 15's do you all think one Bass 15k is enough? I doubt id maintain 14.4 but certainly 12.8 to 13.1 ish. I suppose im more worried about the impedance rising (box rise) to where i can't put out the 12k the subs can handle.
  14. yesh! can't wait to get my brand x HoALT. going with 320a
  15. my radio is a dmh-1500nex so far i love the radio but i have two issues with it..after about 10 mins of using android auto its stops working and says to check radio or phone to resume. it did this before but stopped ,but i cant remember what i did to make this stop from doing that 2nd issue is after making a phone call my sound is lowered with hardly any bass,after i unplug and plug it back in the sounds comes back to normal..it only happens after a phone call...and help would be helpful
  16. So I recently finished up my system in my truck I have 4 sundown 8's under the seat with all deaf bonce silvester door speakers and crescendo horn tweets in the dash running off a skar 150.4 and hifonics brutus running 1600w rms @1ohm all 0 gauge wiring and big 3 however it seemed like as soon as I added my xsd5100 second battery my voltage was acting weird and would start out at 14.6 when you fire it up but drop down in the 12 range when driving unless I had my headlights on then it would sit around 13.5 so I did all the searching and found out about the regulated voltage control theyve had on these trucks for years and I figured it was normal and to just accept it. I got to thinking and the way I had connected my second battery was 0 gauge across to main battery for power and ground straight to frame so I thought well maybe the factory metering clamp isnt able to see all the current draw because I ran my second battery ground straight to the frame so technically everything could just bypass the clamp Well sure enough that was the case What I did I ran my ground for the second battery straight to the main battery neg post Then I came off with another 0 gauge from the main battery neg post to a smd distribution block and put the factory metering clamp over that cable feeding the block then all the rest of my ground go straight to the distro block my frame ground engine ground alt ground body ground After this with headlights off blower off and stereo on I dont drop any lower then 13.5 full tilt When music is turned down it sits at 14.4 at idle and some moments would climb up to 15.3 I'm assuming batteries might be low since they were not getting a proper charge So the moral of the story is you need to make sure all your ground paths are bottle necked essentially so that they can be passed through the meter clamp I know that sounds bad but you could fit up to a 2/0 or maybe even a little more for me just 1/0 gauge feeding all my grounds seems to do fine for now but I will be going a little bigger later down the road Not sure if its possible to take the factory meter clamp apart and make it bigger to fit over larger cable maybe someone else can try that but figured I would share this since I couldnt seem to find this solution anywhere else most people either tell you to unplug the meter clamp completely or get a second alternator that's internally regulated I will include a very crude diagram of how its wired to make it easier to understand
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  18. I currently have about 45' of 1/0 welding wire to replace my current oversized 1/0 shca oversized cca. I'm changing up amps to a taramps md5000.1 or a md8000.1 and want to make sure I can handle the current draw of either of those amps. If I get the 5k I'll have enuff cash to get 45' of 2/0 welding wire ( which is enough for a single run, big 4 and two extra batteries ) . I can get the 8k and use my 1/0 welding wire but don't wanna start a fire lol. Have a 250a alt for now, gonna start saving for a real deal 500a soon. I have two 1000cranking amp interstate batteries under the hood and two interstate marine deep cycles in the back ( that's another upgrade in the future to either upgraded in the back or maybe just two lithiums under hood, not sure yet). I don't demo or compete but like to hurt ppls feelings once in a while and let her rip so I wouldn't be full tilt for too long so I'd probably never pull full amperage either. Probably helps I'd be wired to the sub at 2.67 ohms (and prolly upwards of 4 ohms after rise). So summary is, use my 1/0 and get the 8k or get the 5k and 2/0 ? I may be able to run dual runs of either , my truck isn't real long (1997 extended cab z71)
  19. Dont know why the pics arent working unless you click on them. At least for me, chrome mobile on android. But here are the finished (for now) products. Put 200 rounds through both on wednesday night. Dont particularly care for the brace that came with the pistol lower, so I've got a SB tactical SBA4 on the way. The truglo red dot works great. I havent decided on what to put on the 5.56 yet, but I'm ok with the flip-ups for now. Putting the lower together was a fun learning experience for the wife and I. Already started planning for the next one. And hopefully this time next year I'll be reloading as well.
  20. Hey guys, just was wondering opinions in comparing the fi ssd 12 and the ssa icon 12? It would be a daily driver for music, im looking up replace what i have now with one of these two. My box is 2.5 cubes before load, and tuned to 33hz. My questions are which one may have more output, hit lower? Thanks in advance
  21. pretty much any battery on wccaraudio.com will work for your needs
  22. So I’ve been looking at the sae-1500d or the 2000d... but I just stumbled Across a nice small sfb-3000. Can someone tell me exactly what the difference is between them.
  23. If your looking for a battery at Sam's, this deep cycle g31 marine is what you want https://www.samsclub.com/p/duracell-agm-deep-cycle-marine-and-rv-battery-group-size-31dtmagm/prod3590232?xid=plp_product_1_11
  24. I might not not end up buying it. Since I am super happy with my amp anyway. $600 seemed like a good deal. And it is white. I didn’t remember but I am now realizing I kind of like the looks of white amps. I did think about painting my synergy white would be cheaper than $600
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