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    so tell me, if you get into a fight and punch someone in the face and they die, should you be put on trial as a murderer? for throwing a single punch? Big difference between being in a fight and sucker punching someone. This is manslaughter. Actions have consequences.ok so lets charge every player who's thrown a punch in a game with attempted man slaughter . I think it should be assault my self cause that's all he did. He did what he's seen every one eles do an get away with. It's bullshit for people trying to ruin his young life over this. I understand the guy died but he had something already wrong with him. I just don't see it any other way . Do you have any family? Let's say some guy can't handle his shit, gets mad and punches one of your family members in the head and they die. Said guy gets charged with just assault. How would you feel? There's plenty of examples of people dying from a single punch, do some research. This kid hit a ref, someone he didn't even know, for giving him a yellow card. Think of how the deceased family feels because this bitch couldn't control his anger. Fuck that. What if later down the road his girlfriend makes him angry? And you can't say it's not murder because he didn't mean to do it, I wonder how many times judges have heard that. He had violent intent.
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    Hard to tell if the kid did all of that damage. There may have been an underlying condition. Edit. UFC / MMA would not exist of everyone died from one punch.
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    I vote stupid. I'm looking at the angle of the plate on the bottom and the gap. If something happens and his assistant were to shoot low, I could see that bullet ricocheting and nailing Trent right in the throat.
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    90% as strong at @ 50% cost All I'll say on the matter as vs threads are prohibited really
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    Leave it fulled loaded with a round in the chamber at all times, no harm. Just like the police and military do. My pistol stays ready to roll. Safety off and pull the trigger.
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    I have been looking for replacement stickers, those caps will have to go eventually. Unlike most other components in an amp they do NOT get better with age. Funny you should mention that... I have an old school Fosgate Punch200DSM which will soon make an appearance in this section. I was going to refurb it since I thought the exact same thing (caps dry out and don't last). Well I went off to Mouser and ordered a bunch of new replacement caps of different sizes and vendors to see which ones I like better. I pulled the old caps out which were nice Nichicon LQ series which aren't available anymore. I was curious how bad they were so I tested them on an LCR meter I have at work. To my utter surprise, the 20yr old Nichicon's still tested better than my brand new replacement caps.... I tried various brands too, Nichicon, Panasonic, Cornell. Same result. Here's another, We have an OLD Sorenson DC Power Supply that was built in 1972 (>40yrs old). Same situation, I was going to refurb it a bit to make it more reliable. There was a huge Sprague cap on the output that I figured needed replacing. I researched for replacements and then measured the old Sprague. Sprague caps were LEGIT back in the day. It even has MADE IN USA stamped into it. Anyway, I measured it and sure enough, still in spec and better than any replacement I could buy for it. Caps back in the day were sure made different then they are today. One would think that they'd have to be a bit dried out, but the numbers didn't lie. If you do replace those caps, I'd be curious at getting my hands on them and testing them to see how they do (unless you ahve an LCR meter yourself or something similar)? I don't have an LCR to do the testing myself or I would. Now that you mention all of this I am curious again... These caps are also old Elna units so I may just keep them around. I believe you have inadvertently given me another quest. Dammit again capacitors. Dammit again modern crap components. One thing that sure blows about being a broke student is the inability to afford test equipment or I'd have lots of it. Can you suggest me a sub $300 LCR, preferably a bench unit? Elna's huh. They really made 'em good back in the day. I'd bet money that they still measure just fine and are probably better then any new caps you could buy. Electrolytic's are commonly spec'd with a 20% tolerance and the latest caps I've tested all measure in towards the bottom part of that 20%, even the better caps (Nichicon/Panasonic) which surprised me but I suppose they need to do that to stay competitive with the other lesser quality caps which are consuming the electronics market. Hmmm, sorry but I don't have any experience with LCR meters in that price range. I wouldn't know how accurate they are. Mine at work was $12k If you do get one, I'd be happy to measure some reference samples to compare your results to.
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    I know where the shop is just didn't want to stop by like that.But you stay in Oakland . Sac is an hour or 2 from there. And we know how outsiders feel about oakland.. HAHA Oakland is bad but not too bad, when my boys did a video with Stevie Joe we were out there in East Oakland chillin then again we were with Stevie hahaLivewire def be the bay slappers haha. Young gully be gassing tho. Oakland ain't super bad. As long people ain't stupid in Oakland you should be good. Them east 14th hoeeees tho hahahahaha
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    You should go hit Steve up for a demo! I would if I was there you lucky fucker
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