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  1. I'm back. I'm back. Got my amp choice out of the way, just got some decisions on the sub size and quantity to make.

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    2. rockFord_Expedition
    3. n8ball2013


      What happened time to quit pretending to like girls so you come back.

    4. HatersGonnaHate


      Missed you too Nate

  2. People at work that do a half ass job, and they're fine with that, only to get a call back on it and have me be the unlucky fuck to go out there and unfuck their fuckery.
  3. I was installing a water heater at my brothers house, when suddenly..... DUCKS
  4. The house we worked at for the past 2 days. 16 hours, 147 bags full of leaves.
  5. I remember seeing a 2chainz video on mtv a while back... it was pretty much just the beat with a few adjectives here and there.
  6. It's been a while. I thought you bought a one way ticket to Dick City and had a long layover in Pound Town. I went to funky town for a bit, but I'm back. Pound town turned me down.
  7. Driving down the road, hitting a pothole and shredding an alternator mounting bolt in half. My alt only has 2 mounting bolts, so now my alt is just swinging, held on by one bolt and the belt tension. That pissed me off today.
  8. How I'm spending my first Saturday off in awhile. Boozing with the dog and tearing up the old 6 string Still going strong on no shave November as well!
  9. I've just been super busy with work and a few personal issues here and there. Not much time to troll threads or shoot the shit like I used to. But alas, I'm back.
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