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  1. call them and ask if they have received it.... also if they have tested it yet (worst outcome would be they test it and say nuffins wrong with it and send it back to you) they are proberly trickle charging it trying to get it to come good again
  2. we got some oddessy batterys replaced under warrenty back around 2007
  3. ^^yep, build an enclosure into the bottom of the parcel shelf so the subs and port face upwards into the cabin
  4. so are you wanting to run another sub or take out the 10inch from the boot and fit a new box for an 8inch or 6.5inch sub behind the drivers seat?
  5. 1. Side show 2. I agree 3. 75series landcruiser ute.... needs a sub for behind/under the seats to be run by a lightning audio 1500.1 4. willing to put stickers/decals on car/cars and wear clothing to promote NVX. will do anything else youd think of
  6. heya steve, recieved my lightning audio amp yesturday in the mail, thanks again for this. and the stickers too.... i'll post pics when i have it installed. cheers again

  7. Good man, someone that stands by there word is hard to come by these days. welldone champ
  8. any reason you went with the underhung surrounds? apart from mounting depth?
  9. ole-school pg amps, soundstream amps Was on the aussie ebay yesterday and noticed a PPI water cooling add-on for there car amps...... anyone have any info on those?
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