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  1. 14.9v If you are over 15v just turn your system up a little to drop the voltage "But officer my voltage was too high!"
  2. Mine is hereditary, I have had it since I was maybe 8. It is like something from a movie where all sounds decrease then sudden silence and then boom I get loud ringing. I still hear it all the time but I do get those ringing episodes.
  3. He had 5% but he got a ticket and had to take it off so now he has 35% on the front and back cabin windows and then his rear glass is 5% because they can't measure the glass back there. Thanks
  4. Well I wouldn't want to see another multi-seater. You have the tahoe to stick five people in. I don't know what you are doing with the little red car yet.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/KnuKonceptz-KCA-Blue-Ultra-Flex-1-0-Gauge-Power-Wire-/390233513410?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5adbbaddc2#ht_4574wt_1139 Great deal I think
  6. Yes they are not blowing very high frequencies right into your ear canal. It will destroy your hearing
  7. Honestly if I have to buy any more I am just going to use xentec or w/e it is. It is like $40 for a kit
  8. 2005 grand prix. The model is wider than standard with carbon fiber gauge clusters. Haha I used a Dremel and pretty much melted everything away. They are KS50.2 http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_11518_Kicker-KS50.2.html
  9. I thought so, and it sounds wayyyy better than his old blown factory sets. He has some rockford power 6x9's in the rear deck and a 15" rockford T1 in the trunk.
  10. Lol well he got 5 1/4" speakers and the stocks were 6 1/2" so I said well we don't have adapters and your car is already in pieces what do you want to do and he said just mount them to my doors and I said "AIGHT!"
  11. Got the wrong speaker size so I had no other options than to do this but he loves it and I think it looks sexy too.
  12. Sick! I like the lights, usually it is not my preference but it turned out looking really good!
  13. Why don't you all look up bench tests rather than say "alpine is so good because it is alpine you are making it up." edit: Get at me br0
  14. I just talked to DJ a couple hours ago and he says the SAZ-4500's are on sale for $1,200
  15. I read it shot cleaner than winchester and it got good reviews online from what I saw. But I didn't shoot any myself.
  16. Walt went back to 4 12's in his CRX but for a while was louder with just 2 12's
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