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  1. I read it twice b4 i posted and finally this time made sense lol
  2. "Ray" on here has a sick shop and posted pictures of redecoration construction very nice shop
  3. Take the alteza rice ones and tint them like the hoopty where at night you see the l.e.d.. during day time u see dark
  4. Creep over to winters and usually hes shop is ope.n stand outside or knock until he notices your ...just be cautious hes trigger happy
  5. I seen a trailer queen in sac should I be worried? Haha poor trailer that was hauling that basszer lol
  6. That's the damn poodle in there. Both dogs my wife and I have are poodle mixes and the first one was damn near fully house trained by the time we took him home at 8 weeks old. Has only had 5 accidents in the house in 2 years and 3 of them were my wife's fault. Beware though, when the little fugger gets to be a few months old they use the brain in a bad way and get sneaky on you. Otherwise great breed to mix with since it cuts down on the shedding and smartens up an otherwise dumb breed. Enjoy! you actually counted AND made sure to take notes on who's fault it was? LMAO Lmfaoo right now these loaders just looked at me like i was a retard.. p.s steve im randomly showing up at ur shop probably tomorrow if ur there i have to drive a driver on winters to pick up his truck
  7. He's going to get killed on the street if he doesn't go to prison regardless
  8. Why? U can't fit it behind or under the seat? On the seat is very sketch also you cant ask for dimensions with out stating the woofer size seeing how 8 10 12 15 all require different size enclosures
  9. An encloduuuurrrr... in the back seat? On the back seat or under?
  10. Even tho hes probably packed with cocaine to the roof in that trailer that porsche will still do 12's flat. 1/4mile lol
  11. i am looking forward to picking up a new bm dub i hope in the next week or so. i am also looking forward to putting chains on and off on my semi this winter. fml
  12. You mean one like this. wow talk about a massive load:p I fix. @dj i think jp got u to add all of them alts If u still have voltage issues after this just burn it get a ford
  13. Save up instead of paying shipping save that money to the side
  14. Mine was acfually louder to the ear in top of a steep mountain now idk i didnt have a tl on me but rape mode was rape mode x2 up there. I think it would meter better if the car was lifted like 10ft i think this issue why some competitors fill their vans up with helium cuz its dense someone prove me wrong
  15. Long story short that guys car is just as weak as your box.
  16. U can post dump like me back in the day but u won't last here they longer lol.or u can post dump like supercharged Dc's until u get caught lol
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