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  1. As always.... 'ya got me tuned in again. Its great that you had the Very Nice lookin box just layin around, but if not would you have built a blow through using the ski hole?
  2. Thanks Steve for showing that if you work hard Good shit will come your way.... But You Have to Work. I love going back and seeing you working on the Hooptie in your driveway to the successful business that you have made. On the Dyno..... try the 28's and then the bolt on the 22's. I'm wondering about the diff.. Steven "SGTSKiP"
  3. Good morning sunshine....


  4. I'm a disabled Vet, Ill have to wait till the first to buy the amp.... payday

    ..... Keep me in mind as the price drops.

  5. Sweet, have you planned out the system.... I know you don't just run from a blank slate and add as you go. Looking forward to following this one also.
  6. OK Mr. Meade... Can we get a heads up on future plans for the eventual system to be for the truck. I know that your not going to go overbored with it, more stealth with some balls and the quality work that you do. Watching SKiP
  7. I had already bought the Box Terminals, 2 channel, so lastnight I went ahead and got the Double ANL holder in Clear, and some more SMD stickers. Getting everything ready for the next install...!!!!!!
  8. I just ordered a Speaker terminal, I wanted to add the 9'' SMD sticker but I was just happy to order the Terminal. I didnt want to pay the extra shipping to Texas, Can I add it to the terminal? Please
  9. Awesome job as usual, I noticed that with wires hooked up it looks like all negative terminals. Could you offset it 45* so the + and - are easy to see? Not bitching just saying. Ill be ordering some soon Steven
  10. Wow Man..... great job. Looks great. If I wanted you to put my initials on the top cover; what would it cost me?
  11. Steven K. Patterson, SSG Army 42 and still into car audio
  12. Damn Steve...... soon to be a Car Audio Millionare....... The CNC will pay for itself in the first year. What are the plans for the van?
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