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  1. Pics? Don't do it OP. DC will tell you over and over that it will work fine, then won't cover you when they assplode. aka your lv6 12.... lol
  2. didn't play halo 4 much other than the campaign but giving this one a go.
  3. My truck is a daily, beat on it constantly before the rebuild, i have the same belt on there since i added dual alts, shows no signs of wear... that was 8kish miles and almost a year and a half. edit: I do keep the stock one in the truck incase, so i can just loop it on 1 alt if something happens.
  4. I have a Kenwood KDC X595, and it is clip free to 35 or 35 and gives 3.98v of the 4v rating clean with subwoofer setting on 0.
  5. Might not be morally right but 17 is legal. not legal here.. i thought she had died Legal age of consent is 16 here, maybe we are backwoods hillbilly state or something. You are in Detroit.... so....
  6. I have a single 1000w 4 channel that keeps up with my wall on ~12kw. It is all about staging/imaging IMO. Pro audio helps, cone area helps, but all in all, there is no equation to find this out, since there are a TON of factors.
  7. he's up and talking at the hospital in Amarillo. Not sure of exact injuries but all my friends from OKC that are "friends" with those guys have been telling me some bruised vertebrae possibly and a concussion. The safety gear did it's job. I wouldnt say that, the harness mounting tab on the roll cage ripped out yep, that could have ended WAY worse if the harness completely let loose.
  8. I would personally swap the stock battery to the comparable XS battery S series model. You "can" have the d3100 in the rear and the stock up front, but mixing battery chemistry's is not something you want to really do.
  9. this is that truck, its red with skull now(i think) he still owns it yep, ricky rygaard's. The set up in the picture has been in there a few years, used to see the truck @ all the houston car shows until about a year ago, doesnt look like that anymore as far as the audio, think it has new paint and rims too.
  10. depends on the vehicle, some at 60a, some are 80a, some are 140a, and so on, it is vehicle dependent on what your stock does.
  11. 100a of alt for every 2000w is what I do. So if you run 6000w, get a 300a alt, 4000w, 200a alt. But in most cases GET THE BIGGEST YOU CAN FIT/AFFORD
  12. about half of them will be laid off because the ones that stay will ACTUALLY have to work for the 15 bucks rather than bullshit with each other the whole time.
  13. I have had 3 mechmans... all were 14.0v hot. Alts don't do full amperage at the voltage they charge @ with no load, so in reality... I dont get why people get hung up on stuff like this. Sometimes if it is hot enough, ill be @ 13.9v with dual alts.... only thing that matters is when the knob goes to the right, my voltage stays out of the dirt rather than looking down and going, "look how awesome that is.... 14.5v with no load!" edit : about the 1600w and dropping into the 12's with a 250a alt and 2 yellow tops??? you should be able to hold 13+ without a battery in the vehicle with that alt and the amp full tilt.
  14. It is a AAA title.... but i bought witcher 3 a few days ago.... i cant put it down... like it haunts me... i love it!
  15. Definitely not at me, think real hard you'll figure it out. I'll think about it. Either way, when he wasn't tearing people apart he posted good stuff. more like being as asshole for no reason.
  16. lol... i loved my taramps hd6500... thing was a tank, ran it into the ground, protect light flickering, hot as fuck, and it wouldnt quit, even was seeing like 11.6v. Maybe i got a lucky one.
  17. BUILT in the US, not made. Don't get them confused. Being built one by one at DC is what keeps quality control in good standing.
  18. I use a kenwood as well and only have sun issues if i leave the display blue, but instead i go to the options and can do 30+ different colors and find the one the sun doesnt mess with.
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