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  1. I get it, trick question. answer 3,900 Edit" you only add where it says add. There is nothing logically, that can reach 3900. No where does it mention or even insinuate subtraction. The picture is to get people who don't read it fully. They want you to jump to the conclusion that it is 40+30+20+10 = 1000, because of all the 1000's in between, making your mind see something common again and again. If you get it wrong, you are supposed to get 5000, at least that shows a bit of cognitive functionality....
  2. does the Sundown come in a 10 with a 4" ? Highly doubltful. Which is why they stayed at where its at. But, again, im no sub builder.... well, you can be... on the interwebz.... you can be anything!
  3. had this one a few days ago and it was good
  4. not to mention later saying a big "2" is the same if not better than a big 3...... which is in no way possible....
  5. Got a used 275a Singer on its way to my door... now time for the dual alt kit.... and 550a of charging!

  6. I had a lv5 m1 18 about 2 years ago, and 2 XL m1 15's after that.... to this day, my XL's are my favorite subs.... things were so musical and BAAAAAAAAAAAAANGED!
  7. What are the real differences as far as 12v systems go. 9k does 9k at 14.4 10k does 10k at 14.4 I keep getting people to tell me not to get 9k's because they are "meant" for higher voltage. I know they can perform well in the 14v/16v/18v systems, but what makes them bad for 12v?
  8. that is because andrew lives in texas along with coleman probably.
  9. Im at ~8k total.... 270a Alt, 3 D3100's, and 1 S3400, voltage full tilt is about 12.0v flat. I would suggest 4 D3100's in the back, but more so, dual alts or a bigger one like a 370.
  10. for some reason i could never get into sports games on console or pc. :/
  11. Anyone have any use for an older Fi Q motor? I got one laying around i might sell...

    1. Keith77


      motor and basket or just motor?

    2. ChevyBoy95


      just motor, but it is pending on another forum

  12. I would add another D3100 and drop that tuning if it is for daily. Who would suggest 40hz tuning for a DD? I would do ~35hz
  13. find a m1 level 5 motor on a forum, and DC will sell you the soft parts to make it an original lv5 m1
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Looks like he was having trouble "bobbing" his head with the music yea, like he cant even breathe.... Goes from, holy shit that hurt, woah try to stable the camera, cringe, try and breathe, fail, cringe, shaking camera still, etc. not to mention the rapid blinking
  15. 7 XS D3100's, Upgraded stock to XS. Then the BIGGEST alt you can find, closer the 370 the better. edit: doesnt matter if it is XS, but i prefer them and have had great results. Im working my way up to 10k or so, and next on the electrical list is a dual alt and second 270, so 540a of charging.
  16. I got 16oz miller high life again. Damn it cheap but does the job. and tastes like stale piss. 1554 is my favorite, that and lion stout!! ....lol, dude oyu a gay porn fluffer....????? Is that new or did you just come out and post thta? lol cause I don't ever remember seeing that there before one of the mods decided to have a little fun.... stouts and porters are my go to. Im not big on light beers (in color), and especially anything budlight, budwieser, miller, whatever, all just shitty pilsners.
  17. I got 16oz miller high life again. Damn it cheap but does the job. and tastes like stale piss.
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