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  1. Anyone have any use for an older Fi Q motor? I got one laying around i might sell...

    1. Keith77


      motor and basket or just motor?

    2. ChevyBoy95


      just motor, but it is pending on another forum

  2. I would add another D3100 and drop that tuning if it is for daily. Who would suggest 40hz tuning for a DD? I would do ~35hz
  3. find a m1 level 5 motor on a forum, and DC will sell you the soft parts to make it an original lv5 m1
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Looks like he was having trouble "bobbing" his head with the music yea, like he cant even breathe.... Goes from, holy shit that hurt, woah try to stable the camera, cringe, try and breathe, fail, cringe, shaking camera still, etc. not to mention the rapid blinking
  5. 7 XS D3100's, Upgraded stock to XS. Then the BIGGEST alt you can find, closer the 370 the better. edit: doesnt matter if it is XS, but i prefer them and have had great results. Im working my way up to 10k or so, and next on the electrical list is a dual alt and second 270, so 540a of charging.
  6. I got 16oz miller high life again. Damn it cheap but does the job. and tastes like stale piss. 1554 is my favorite, that and lion stout!! ....lol, dude oyu a gay porn fluffer....????? Is that new or did you just come out and post thta? lol cause I don't ever remember seeing that there before one of the mods decided to have a little fun.... stouts and porters are my go to. Im not big on light beers (in color), and especially anything budlight, budwieser, miller, whatever, all just shitty pilsners.
  7. I got 16oz miller high life again. Damn it cheap but does the job. and tastes like stale piss.
  8. dual 2's with strapped 3.5k's in a box that Rusty gave me specs for, it is tuned to 36hz So, you're wired to 1 per amp? If so, that would be why they're stinky lol. after rise there is know way their actually getting 3500 watts... I just went with the subs rusty recommended. I know its not power issue, it is clipping issue. keep talking about rise when your playing music.... lol
  9. slower, doesnt have add-ons, stability with flash, shockwave, java, blah blah blah. Just more stable and user friendly. Chrome is by far the fastest though.
  10. Did a 153.3 on a 4k at 1 ohm. Cant wait to see what it does with a 7k.

  11. that amp will not give you more than 1500w or so at 1 ohm [5 30a fuses]. So at 2, maybe 1000... maybe. Run that shit off stock electrical. You dont need any battery bank for 1000w. and if you want real power, go with something proven. The soundstream 3000 will not give you 3000w either, even at .5. Get a crescendo bc2000 or something and run that at 1 ohm.
  12. he did. just barely you can see him and another driver escape just before the mayhem
  13. it has been sitting on a shelf, 12.58v is fine. Charge it, and it should sit 12.8v or so up to about 13.1v.
  14. i personally like anything karbach, which is a local houston brewery. Have great IPAs, lagers, seasonals, wheats, whatever.
  15. pretty sure tfade did that. he was testing a shit load of big boy amps.
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