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  1. older model GMCs and Chevys have a fuck load of Alty room(pardon my language), thats just from my experience. (i drive a 95 chevy ext cab, brother has 98 GMC ext cab.) Even have spaces for two batteries up front.
  2. quick question, couldn't find anything on Google. has anyone here painted there dust caps? if so what is a process that worked, or is it kind of rhetorical, sand, primer, sand, primer, sand, paint, sand, paint, clear, clear... etc. i am wanting to paint two DC dust caps, probably only the logo. i have a chrome one, and a red one.
  3. didnt read a lot of the posts but, i have an AQ1200D on a 15in LVL 4. They are a perfect match in my opinion. The lvl 4 can get low, and i have no voltage drop on stock electrical with the aq1200d, cant beat that, well actually, im upgrading electrical, adding a second aq1200d, and another lvl 4, thats how much i like em. and hell, if you do the XL on the AQ2200D, you could change it to two lvl 4s as an alternative down the road, possibly double your cone area, etc. gives you options, but you need electrical to back the 2200.
  4. audioque.com and you can order from the website.
  5. Yea i need to take the bar out. Going to be 2 lvl 4 15s on 2 aq 1200ds. Box up to window line. Amps under box under a platform kinda deal.
  6. Ok, i know about the cubbies, just didnt know there was anything under them.
  7. Ok, does anyone know or have experience removing the back folding seat of a 95 Chevy Ext Cab Truck? (C1500) ive looked at it and have no clue what to do.
  8. Here is a quick box, i was bored so i did one in sketchup. its tuned to 35Hz
  9. this has my vote, but no box. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_34526_600W-Complete-Rockford-Fosgate-RE-Audio-Bass-Package.html if he has tools, a $28 piece of MDF would be all he needed for an enclosure, or maybe even scrap MDF since its only a 10. EDIT: SURF AROUND ON CRAIGSLIST FOR A CHEAP ENCLOSURE
  10. battery died, it would have been a longer vid of lower and higher tones but oh well.
  11. Crescendo BC2000, there way under 500, and come out mid march.
  12. Yea an just for fun, I checked my voltage at amp (AQ1200D at 1) and my drop is from 13.98v to 13.69v, on my highest listening level. Battery up from reads 14.08v but didn't measure it's drop.
  13. Ehh maybe, I checked yesterday and I feel confident with the amount of open space to the side of my current alt, I could fit a 2 more alts if I had the fab skill, as in room, not that I would. Dual stock is an option.
  14. Yea I need to look around. Even though mechman and dc power make solid units, I don't want to spend 450-500 dollars on a alternator, but idk I might have to.
  15. As of now I'm checking out DC Power to see if they have anything that fits my application, which is probably like 220 amps or so. Hopefully I can find one that isnt $500 though.
  16. please base your comment off of experience, hands on experience... not to be rude to anyone.
  17. My front battery spot wont hold a REALLY GOOD battery, tried to find an XS or Kinetik to replace but the juice wouldnt be worth the squeeze in that sense. I could add a fat ass batt in the back, i would just need to find a place for it.
  18. trust me i know the whole, it takes power to make power, but for my application, hence not competing, i was looking for a daily thing, drives usually never over 15 or 20 minutes, and bassing about 10 of those minutes.
  19. Ok i have big 3, big ass interstate battery, stock alt (i think its like 110 or 105 amps), as of now i have a AQ1200D at 13.6 volts and 1 ohm, full tilt with virtually zero voltage drop. What would be better, 2 batteries (roughly 250 ea) or 1 HO alt (roughly 400) around 250-280amps? Looking to run 2 AQ1200Ds for daily.
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