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  1. And now we will all die.I think I've seen like 2 or 3 pics of Nate before lol
  2. That's actually pretty good, add a little cinnamon and it's even better. I still make it from time to time
  3. Start checking your cups... I know how much you guys like spiders lol
  4. Agreed. I am fellow fish nerd as well but freshwaterI'm right there with you. My favorites have always been cichlids and discus. I've always wanted salt water but I'm scared of messing something up and losing fish
  5. For my first lens I got the sigma 18-35mmhttp://www.sigmaphoto.com/18-35mm-f18-dc-hsm-a
  6. Let me know which show, I just bought a new camera and I want to break it in lolPic of said camera. I have a lot to learn before I'm using it to its full potential
  7. This is on one of my vids. I wish this happened in Cali Only one of these were made
  8. Got to see this beauty in person yesterday. My favorite car of the day
  9. Hope you can view these, enjoy https://www.facebook.com/1645811695667928/videos/1649186428663788/ https://www.facebook.com/1645811695667928/videos/1649011365347961/
  10. We don't really have pallets of product here, I have to pull all the parts separate. Here's 2 of the shipments I had to check in recently.
  11. Bet that was fun wasn't it? Lol We have what we call preseason orders and they are huge. I have had a few orders that are 3 pages or so
  12. Top pics I took last year and the bottom pics are from yesterday. There's a pretty big forest fire right now
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