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  1. Looking great. Someday I will get off my ass and post my Denali. Any pictures of the alt set up? Probably going to upgrade some more stuff on mine soon.
  2. Who made your bracket and how much? I have a double but I don't like it. I also have 2 370 mechman alts on a 2010 Denali. I have had a lot of alt wine issues so I am going to put the stock back in so I can isolate it from the aftermarket stuff.
  3. I am not sure if I missed it but are you running 2 electrical systems? 1 factory and 1 for the stereo or are they all together?
  4. Rodlow1 I have the same exact problem. When it's not in drive it's not as bad on mine because I am using some isolators. But in drive it gets louder. I think because you are putting a load on the engine/alts it causes the louder results. I don't have any noise when it's just in the ACC mode but as soon as I turn it over then I get a milder version of the same awful noise. I am trying to talk to the owner of the SKAR audio Escalade to see if they have the same issues. I want to keep this going to see if we can fix it and help others in the future. I wouldn't pull everything. I really believe it is alt related.
  5. I only have it when the truck is running. I have 2 mechman 370 amp alts but I am running the factory and stereo off of both alternators. All grounds are to frame. We replaced the stock battery ground but it does go through the sensor. I am currently only running one alt because I was having some voltage issues with a controller so I have the second alt turned off until I can have MLA modify the one I have. When I am running off of batteries I have no noise at all. I am debating on getting a 3 alt bracket if it will fit and added the factory back to the system. I don't want to give up one my 370 alts because they are keeping my voltage solid.
  6. Glad to see I am not the only one with the stupid ass ground noise. Are you guys getting it only when the truck is running? Rodlow1 and Islandpride684 let me know what you find out. There used to be a post from a guy on here that he figured it out but he got mad and deleted all of his topic content.
  7. Hunter are you almost done? I roll out in about a month if all goes well but I would like to meet up before I leave for the west coast. I am going to SBN next week.
  8. I am glad I checked SMD today because I was debating this very same head unit. I wanted the 99prs but I already have a really nice EQ/processor so it would just be overkill. Debating on the 80prs or the Clarion mentioned above.
  9. It's not necessarily a Eco mode but it kicks it down into a lower voltage. The 07-12 has sensor this connected to the ground off the oem battery. I have dual mechman 370xp. Just need to hook my MLA up and see if there are any issues. I miss the older and simpler electrical systems.
  10. When are some of the Mass guys going to come over to Albany? What up hdorre.
  11. Looks like I will see this ride pretty soon. I am in the NE and plan on making a few trips out to MA. Blockburner are you having any issues with your electrcial and the crazy ass eco mode? I have a 2010 Denali that is in the middle of a build right now. Eventually I will start a build log. Just been to busy to do it. Looks good.
  12. Did you try a Missing Link Audio module? They are great and will hook you up. I purchased a dual alt module for my 2010 yukon denali. It cost me about 250. There are a few people that have videos on youtube with a MLA module installed.
  13. Brian called me today. Great company. My zv4 18's will arrive on Thursday. I am glad to see with there being a down turn in this industry that there is still a demand for car audio. Good job Sundown. This will be my first Sundown product and I can't wait.
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