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  1. Brian called me today. Great company. My zv4 18's will arrive on Thursday. I am glad to see with there being a down turn in this industry that there is still a demand for car audio. Good job Sundown. This will be my first Sundown product and I can't wait.
  2. Z guy here. Looks like I am screwed. The new SMD will be out before I get my Zv4 it seems.
  3. I wish we could get a date stamped on this. I did the preorder and the money was already processed. I hope they will be worth the wait. This will be my first Sundown product.
  4. See if you have a parasitic current draw. Here is a good video on how to do this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF1gijj03_0
  5. Any update or an estimated power handling? I got an 8 for my center console but really thinking about putting 2 of these instead.
  6. Looking good. Can't wait to get my gloss black pair of the elite series. Thumbs up for Mechman!!!
  7. Send them a message. 1800woofers and some of the other retailers listed under sundowns site have them. Just send them a message through there site or email them. I preordered 2 18's. Make sure you send them a message before you order them or you could be waiting a long time.
  8. I have a 10k amp and I plan on running a Mechman 370amp alt. I want to build a small battery bank for the amp to provide sufficient power to the amp. How many batts and what size should I use? I was looking at the D3400 or something similar in size or even some of the XP line. My other amps will be run off of the stock system with a D3400.
  9. I think this one of the best products to have come from D'amore. By giving the consumer the power test our amplifiers the manufacturers can stop giving us BS numbers and pushes them for a standard. Alpine used to do it with the v12 line. There are some out there that still give legit numbers but a lot of them are blowing smoke. Steve thanks for testing the Sundown amp. I have really been considering buying them for my subs now.
  10. I have had both spray over deadener and deadener over spray. They work fine. I had really good results from the spray over the Deadener. I used Second Skin Spectrum over there damplifier and it was amazing.
  11. You could go with the xs batts to. I am unbiased between the kinetiks and the xs line. I have seen both perform really well. Good luck and please post pics. I am working on my mega cab right now. 4 amps, 2 3 way components in the front, some 6.5 rear fill and 2 15's in the cab. Can't wait to finish.
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