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  1. as i do agree with you guys for changing your profile picture to equal marriage ... i love it !!! BUT ... i do hate that now i actually have to look at the persons name to see who posted it ...

  2. just found out my favorite actor is gay ??!?!?!! how did i not know this !!! explains why he did such a great job in magic mike ... matt bomer you are awesome !!

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    2. Azagtoth502
    3. Chris Hammer

      Chris Hammer

      LOLz...magic mike hahahha

    4. meade916


      my wife went and saw that....she asked me if i wanted to go i said FUCKKKK NO i'm not watching that shit. LOL

  3. This has been the worst April Fools in history ... april fools has gone wrong and blown up in my face ... worse prank EVER :-'(

  4. the only way you can get your 150 back is to post useful post and not complain .... we al started with your post count and had to earn where we are ... and it was done with out complaining. The mods here can be really helpful, useful, understanding, and cool ... just follow the rules, be courteous, helpful, and nice
  5. i think you should just get off today and think about whats going on and what happened and leave it alone ... start fresh be useful and helpful and follow the rules and dont complain about them
  6. RIP Alma Gates ... you will forever be missed and always loved !!! Make heaven a little bit louder now!

  7. the geico gecko just saved me 300 dollars a year ... thanks little guy !!

  8. no more music in my capri for the moment only subwoofers and amps :-( makes me kind of sad

  9. need some help ... im torn on two choices ... harley davidson switchback or v-rod

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    2. Azagtoth502


      switchbacks cool, the bags are small tho....and v rods look cool but don't sound cool

    3. Emmet


      That's because the v rods are liquid cooled. Air cooled all the way.

    4. Keith77


      Not a fan of either one but I would go with the switchback. To me a V-Rod is a fake Harley

  10. watched the first twilight last night ... my initial thoughts were bad acting ... bella could not keep her body still. it was like she had a constant itch on her but that she couldnt itch ... Edward was trying to hard .... but i could tell later in the movie their acting seemed to have gotten better. The CGI needed some work ... very choppy with the leg movement when they showed the speed scenes ... this was the first one so i will keep an open mind as i go into the second film.

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    2. meade916


      hahahaha n8 beat me to it

    3. matt14


      Wife loves the series. I watched it with her when they come out on blueray. They alright, not as cheesey as i thought they were going to be

    4. Pasta Prime

      Pasta Prime

      twilight? whats that?

      <---*man card still intact*

  11. someone should by my stuff

  12. Never go to the bathroom just to wash your hands.... chances are you will have to pee when you get done.

  13. i once had a goldfish who could break dance on the carpet ... but only for about 20 seconds.

  14. the cdt speakers and rockford amps are coming out of the capri ... after this latest turn of events ... things are going to be changing around ....

    1. n8ball2013


      i take it youve got the blues huh

  15. Spring break nationals 2013

    1. Ninja_v1.0


      yo.. did you make it back safe?

  16. i would say if you can afford the 80 mil i would get it ... i used 40mil in my capri and 80 mil in my edge ... as far as panel fitment there was no difference between the two and the 80 mill seemed to do a better job and made the panel seem alot more solid
  17. had a wonderful meal yesterday at bourbons with some wonderful people Madison O'Rourke Mike Mastin Pamela J Sharp ... untill we got the 175 dollar bills ... wait thats ok cuz it was paid for courtesy of Ameristar Casino - Heritage Buffet

  18. If people from new York are new yorkers.... are people from hamburg hamburgers?

  19. the meguires car wash is bought ... the meguires clay bar kit is bought ... the polish is bought ... the wax is bought ... the tire cleaner is bought ... the interior detailer is bought .... this weekend this capri is going to look like a new car !!! getting ready for biggest car show of the year

    1. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      yep ... restocked on my cleaning supplies as well

  20. very like ford ... sync mic quit working .... and excessive rain has made my alarm siren sound like it has a cold ... uhg what a day

  21. what to do on a sunday full of rain ... hot soup ... hot drink ... pop corn ... the dark knight ... and the dark knight rises ! HOOOOORRRAYYYY

  22. i can put installing a convertable top to a notch on my belt !!

    1. Kyblack76


      What about 2 midgets ?

  23. if someone had x-ray vision ... can they still see when they close their eyes ?

    1. Neckbeard


      cant superman only see through clothes?

  24. people admit they are willingly taking vacations from face book ... reasons : bored, not interesting posts, to much drama .... since stocks opened up facebook is on a slow decline .... watch out facebook need to step it up

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    2. michigancapri92


      i think having a site like this go on the stock exchange was destined to fail because of that ... social media is a fad thing ... like myspace it will lose thunder ... another one will come to get that thunder ... they should have know there was not a good longevity with something like this

    3. WastedTalent


      It did surprise me how long it's lasted though. I mean myspace was what? 2-3 years? Facebook seems like 5 or 6...

    4. michigancapri92


      just better marketing to keep it afloat !

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