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  1. lol.... djs are anybody with a computer? no numark set? oh lord... My dad "djs" too... lol .. He has a Sony Vaio with Virtual DJ... He hosts our family events... either way, nice amp and mixer
  2. Current setup: Sealed enclosure with dimensions - H: 17" W: 32" D: 15" Total space I have is: So I want to do sub up, port side firing w/ aero ... Does this looks good in Torres' calculator???:
  3. what they all said... and nice "lost and found" collection there...
  4. that's crazy... did the demand come straight from woofersetc or forum based???
  5. forgot to ask... what car is this? do you know the measurements of the trunk opening???
  6. why didn't it fit? is your opening alot smaller than the trunk itself? I'm assuming the trunk opening width was too small...???
  7. why is everyone saying aeros are 17"???? http://www.psp-inc.com/products_6.html www.parts-express.com/wizards/searchResults.cfm?srchExt=CAT&srchCat=143&CFID=42497391&CFTOKEN=67148796 Just 2 sites that sell various lengths... Plus you can use S40 tubing from the hardware store and cut to length with a bandsaw.
  8. crazy setup... and vote for updating your sig bro!!!
  9. how are you hooking up those tweets punk?
  10. I feel like this could've been in FF 7 in the market place... Pretty good though...
  11. +1 this is on the XXL Mixtape with Mac Miller and Yelawoulf... Awesome shit even on my sealed setup...
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