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  1. I'll be there. Been there every year since 2013.
  2. Well would you look at that. Didn't expect to see some of these people post. Still lurking around here every now and then. I took a break from the audio too for a while, then decided to just throw money at it and let someone else take care of all the building for me. you'll see me in a year or 2 with a real real OG vehicle.
  3. 1st post.... wonder how long this one lasts before it gets taken down....
  4. Just ordered. 13135 is order number. I think I got everything in there you needed tho... Daily will get to be a little better done now
  5. Looking at all the tools that I wanted for Black Friday... IMSG is sold out and so is AMM-1....


  6. If you find me friday too I can get you out to see Jake Warvels build. Plus Casey M's Golf is pretty sick and all FI gear too
  7. Hey it was 92 yesterday in Michigan... Installed a dock after work for someone and it was like being in piss water it was so warm
  8. Got a little bored at work today so made my own side slider kit model. Going to 3d print it here probably tomorrow
  9. https://www.polarispartsking.com/product/21839/4-inch-gear-reduction-box-for-polaris-rzr they use these a lot of times if they get to ridiculous. I thought the same thing for a while too until I saw these gear boxes.
  10. My father and I installed 30sq of luxury liner in our wakeboard boat 4 years ago. Still going strong in there
  11. Contact Scottie directly. He may take a day to answer but he has a few new s1400 in b-stock last i knew
  12. Yup my 3k would throw distortion light randomly. quarter volume light on, half volume no light, could sneeze and light would go on.
  13. Bass truck has been sitting for 4 months now. Michigan weather has been all over the place -20 to 60 in the last 2 weeks, so I go to check the voltage of my bank and guess what.... still sitting 16.5 like the day I parked it 4 months ago

    1. mathewyocham


      Its nice having reliable equipment.

    2. Ninja_v1.0


      Michigan weather can fuck the fuck right off


    3. rocking.that.eclipse


      40 when i got to work at 7:00. 20 by 10:00


  14. Exactly what happened to my buddy. He has a 36k spl and it was charging at 17v for like an hour... called xs and scottie sent him a new one out 3 times without him sending it in. It could have cost a lot more if we didn't figure out that the lithium was overcharging so quickly. Coulda ran overnight and gernaded
  15. I took a tour of XS the day before the show they hosted (down there for buisness) Scottie knows how to take care of his customers. My buddy had gotten the wrong charger (said it was 12v and charged to 17v) 3 times in a row and Scottie personally walked back there to make sure he got the right one on the last time.
  16. How long does it say that high? I'll bet you after letting your engine bay warm up it drops back to a reasonable voltage?..
  17. Not my cup of tea... I just act old. Don't drink (much) and don't stay up past 10 (often)
  18. Oh man getting back in the game with your own rig... Can't wait to see what that means for you
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