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  1. I ran 2 xs 40ks and 2 banks of their caps. A pair of 270 amp alts was able to keep up with 14k of rated power. Started at 17.1 and dropped down to 15.8 after a while. I think that the buffer between alts and batts with caps helps it drain down more steadily. Had a buddy with a very similar setup to mine and he would drop 17.8 to 15 flat with no caps. May or may not mean anything tho with the setup difference we had
  2. When I had AGMs in my daily I would top it once or twice a week. Its good for life of batts and alternator. Hell if I could get them to a float charger every night I would have
  3. My personal opinion is set with dd1 to not clip and then let it ride. What will the ac voltage really tell you in the end?
  4. It all depends on how much pressure you build up. My first attempt at a wall was flexing 4 sheet thick worth of baffle. Bracing will have a lot to do with it also. Properly braced will allow you to have less sheet.
  5. DMM it just for shiggles and gits and see what is ohms out at
  6. I'll nominate @WalledSonic Met at Slamology for the first time ever. Shared builds, beer, and food. Great guy, and great build. Can't wait to see what's in store for next year
  7. Love the Toyota man. I got an SR5 TRD tundra now. I think we both had the same idea jumping on that second skin too. I have a few audio art amps, mosconi dsp and stereo integrity mids that are all going into mine as soon as I get out of this refueling outage at work
  8. We talked about this a while ago (Brian) I like that the TI basket can fit a larger spider than the 12 spoke. Companies like Sundown and DC that have gone to custom tooled baskets are going the right way. Now I just wish that FI would do that too. They have a proto of something but its just that.... proto
  9. Just ordered. 13135 is order number. I think I got everything in there you needed tho... Daily will get to be a little better done now
  10. Looking at all the tools that I wanted for Black Friday... IMSG is sold out and so is AMM-1....


  11. Did you buy this from someone by chance (Keith Stinnett)? The thing I did with a friend that was having problems with that also is make the amp rack bolt to both sides of the truck where you have your amps currently.
  12. Do your research. Just because you can buy it doesn't mean you should run it. Would you trust yourself driving a top fuel dragster when you haven't ever even went drag racing.... If in question go with the tride/true/safe and easy method of AGM
  13. If you're worried about getting it back on the road I'd suggest autozone and getting a stock one
  14. If you find me friday too I can get you out to see Jake Warvels build. Plus Casey M's Golf is pretty sick and all FI gear too
  15. Whats cash price? Sorry totally forgot that I said I would grab this lol I'd like to fit it in my daily
  16. Hey it was 92 yesterday in Michigan... Installed a dock after work for someone and it was like being in piss water it was so warm
  17. I'll have to see when Jake is running up there. I don't have anything planned Friday, not bringing my blazer so I don't have anything tying me back all weekend
  18. I go down thursday since its usually my only vactation. Plus I like to see all the rides roll in
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