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  1. Thinking about buying 1. Was wondering if these came with any color or cf cone options.
  2. id get like a triple stacked baffle and bolt it in tight. see if itll bend it back
  3. need more port box is small 3/4 only? no bracing
  4. LOL i got lucky i just got on the computer
  5. im currently lookin at zapco zx 200.4. also arc audio and audison make great amps
  6. Depends on your budgt. They sound amazing.
  7. like 2 weeks ago light turned green i slowly went threw 4 lane highway. Got to the other set of lanes saw a blur on the right slammed my brakes on. lady on a cell phone not payin attention flew by plowd 2nd car in the oppisite lane
  8. your gonna have to port threw the rear deck
  9. Umm does your back seat fold? and what are the trunk dimensions
  10. kinda busy right now in the process of movin in a few weeks ill try again
  11. Ya its going to be alot of work. start big and work your way down. test test test
  12. well if your willing to part with sum zaps maybe we can work something out
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