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  1. .33 daily on my sk 4500 Just need the proper electrical before touching that low
  2. lol at least nothing went wrong to make u hate sonic. There a good company thats dope thgey sent u the mid's
  3. personally i think people should just build there own company. baskets subs and softparts, & stop stealing ppls buisness
  4. DAAAAMn, i love itt, shoulda been a sundown build though with a few sa's
  5. Very nice man! my boy just ordered an e15 looking foward to toying with it a bit -rob
  6. What size is the box you have it in and whats it tunedd to if its portedd ? very nice man!!!
  7. Not an expert but probably because the surrounds the used.for.the 10/12/15 wasent working.for the 18 model. So they madea surround.specifically for.the 18" v.3 Rob,
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