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  1. get a good pair of rockford fosgate, stinger or the likes.... Those expensive cables are B.S not gonna have any significant difference between mid priced 40--50 dollar pair pretty sure a couple of videos floating around where they were tested against $200+ pairs of rcas.....
  2. Find the source of the ground loop and you won’t have that problem
  3. Sub sonic all the way down then you adjust that after words
  4. Nice wish I could get back into it... seen 2 dc10k for the price of one I was like ooooohhhh I’m gonna get them... then clicked I have a Mazda3 lol and no money I want to spend on a project car
  5. i dont see them anymore either but have no idea why and last pic on this page is white no picture
  6. I have all the bass needs for a build In my Mazda just not a dsp a highs amp or mids and highs...
  7. see stuff like this wants me to blow my money and start a project lol maybe if i make a budget ill be able too
  8. Wrong section ... email wcc or D’Amore both links on top of the page
  9. Send it in for repairs email wcc or D’Amore Is it a brand new battery and not a cheap off brand one you keep replacing it with
  10. Go to D’Amore website email them or Meades shop website email them they can get it repaired
  11. The company exists through a parent company the original owner sold R.E about 15 or So years ago. 2005/6 to us amps so to some people it’s not R.E. After they sold the remaining original amps...
  12. LOL he means its not made by the original R.E anymore so its not a true R.E haven't been for 10+ years maybe close to 15 to 20 can't remember .
  13. Ewww fat Mat I hated that stuff used it in my eclipse when I had it never again but nice work so far
  14. Neat .. wonder if parts express have bigger one watt woofers lol
  15. If it’s to your liking it’s fine... I put 2 dc lvl 3 m1’s they are 600 a piece putting 1300 well why amp says it’s rated and it loud and gets down so I wouldn’t necessarily put more on them unless I was trying for numbers
  16. Unless you count for phase your numbers are off also Go to https://damoreengineering.com/ he has a couple of videos watch them
  17. Check the battery leads... other then that I don’t know can always send it in to get overhauled
  18. Look at the dust cap make sure it’s glued down all the way also
  19. for the 3000.1 yes you can use it no on the other one if its just switches ... why you would buy a class d for mids and highs is beyond me and not research the amp before buying it to see if it has variable xover points
  20. try singer, mecman, ohiogenerator, and u.s alts.. as for performance you will loose sum... you will need 7 or so xspoweer 7500 or equivalent batteries that is what was recommended to me before lithiums where really around 1 big alt 2 big ones would be better
  21. i still buy cd's lol or i download then and put them on my computer and then just stream from my phone or computer u
  22. Bad ground, not enough electrical, short somewhere could be alot of things
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