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Your first amplifier - what was it?


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JL e2150

that was a lil baby amp to what i run now haha...it was pushing a JL 8W3V2D4 in a prefab truck box

NoFearX18 said:

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On 4/13/2010 at 9:51 AM, meade916 said:

i was like DAMN, Chode is hardcore! he makes james look like a friendly person LOL!

trainman0978 said:

I dont know who is worse with the buttholes Chode or Big P...





Team Deadly Hertz / Team DC Audio / Team XS Power


DuckretaryFEAR THE DUCK Durangho Chodes Blowthrough Build Youtube vids Muh Wife


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Old school Sanyo 50/50 and than a Sherwood 75/75 the old amplifiers looked like a frigging brick, but hey the got it done.....LOl..

2007 Chevy Impala LS

1 Crescendo 3KWP

1Crescendo C1000/4

2 DC lvl 4 15's with lvl5 dual .7 coils

1Audio Control Matrix

1 Pioneer P880PRS

1 300 amp Iraggi alt

All power runs done with Knu flex 0/1 guage

1 optima yellow top under the hood

1 XS 5100 and two Deka's in the trunk

4 Crescendo MP-8 mid bass drivers

2 DB Drive p5 5 D Pro Audio tweeters

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Pyramid amp, dont know what model but it was only like a 50watt amp really small. it got stolen and I got a RF punch 40 on a pair of punch subs. Man i can remember when i would look at the punch 100 and think "wow now thats power" trying to save my pennies ... .. .

Click Here For my Hopper Build

"Click here for my 2008 Dodge Mega Cab Build(The DC Rebuild) "Diesel"

Click here for my 2001 Trans AM Hot rod build

2 Rockford Fosgate T4000.1bd

1 Rockford Fosgate T1000.4db

1 Rockford Fosgate T300.2bd

4 XL's 15's DC Audio

8 JBL GTI's 6 1/2

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on a pair of 10's. gain maxed out, extension cord wires... yeah it was epic.

I used to have one of those amps too! And you damn near did have to run the gain maxed out just to get any output! My first real amp was a Rockford Fosgate 2300x, then a Jensen 200w that got passed around like a 5 dollar hooker, and somewhere in there I had this baby Sony amp that put out like 40 watts lol I'll see if any of them are still around n I'll post pics.

1989 Chevy Caprice Classic
350ci V8 High Performance

JVC Arsenal HU

JL XR series components

Infinity Reference 6x9s

Pioneer Premier 4-Channel

Clarion 2-Channel

Rockford Fosgate Series 1 2-Channel

Fusion 2000.1D

MTX Crossover

RF, Knu, Kicker, and Monster wiring

NVX VCW 12in. Sub **Won on here from the Sonic contest!**

*Build log coming soon!*

Starting all over pretty much which the gear listed...lost almost everything I had, including my life. Never take life and what's in it for granted.

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