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*5/19/13 Vid!* and some *SURPRISES!* coming! 95 Bonneville SSE Walled (DC, Cactus Sounds)

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Hey there SMD!
EDIT: All pics are from HTC Sense but the old ones are from G1

This will be my work in progress for my dd 95 Pontiac Bonneville SSE.

It'll be sometime before itll be complete.Hopefully everything goes well in the near future.It's a slow build so bear with me... A lot of stuff is happening, college, work, rent, baby, .

I'm waiting for one lvl 5 from cj.

It should be coming next week.And the other from superchargedDc.The subs are D1s, no extras on it.

Plain janes.Headunit:

Pioneer DEH- 5000ub

Zune 80gb


Highs/ mids:Amp: 2 Kicker ix404 and mtx 4244ID CTX 5.25" and Kicker ks 6936 infinity reference 2 inch tweeters

Low:Amp: 2 Audiopipe 3000.1d *thanks loganberry*SounDigital 8000.1 *thanks Cortez*Cactus Sounds k122 DC Level 5 18's D1 *thanks CJ18 and Supercharged DC*

Electrical:iraggi 320 amp alt. Rebuilt by mechman.

7 Optima Yellowtops
1 Stinger SPV-44
3 c&d ups 400
3 c&d ups 490
Audiopipe 1/0 and tsunami 1/0
2 runs of + and - each

Deadening:9 rolls of peal n seal.

Measurements for wall Tomoro after I get wood laid down for the enclosure to sit

Old eclipse hu. Volt meter. Now sitting at 15.4, and switch for
amp156071_181815301834707_100000187150237_7Crappy cut out. Did this when I had my first setup with a boss amp.156950_181753385174232_100000187150237_7Old old set up.IMG_1419-1.jpgFrom my gf's eclipse. 5 speed gs2011-03-08144522.jpgIraggi alt. Gf unwrappin it.689.jpgGot bump. Deathwish. Anonymous skate Cincinnati837.jpgFront windowshield497.jpg6 total two inch Reference tweeters (b pillars)IMAG0027.jpgAdded sense wire with one 3 amp diode.IMG_20110521_221056-1.jpgIMG_20110522_001437.jpgIMAG0142.jpgRan thru firewall.IMAG0139.jpgPeel n sealTrunk lidIMAG0152.jpgDoors.IMAG0162.jpg

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Class Tomoro mornin. Post more pics soon

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making base for wall, using the seatbelt studs and wiring clips.






Bought some more 2x4x96


And i got some free brackets and hinges from Lowes.


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Update: 10/10/11

Got the base done for the wall to sit on.

Figured up measurements and sent an email to RAM.

And made a POS battery and amp tray.

It sucks but is temp for now.

Here's some pics.

Using studs from seat belts and wire clips.


Other side


Legs for support.


Other leg


Base lined up and screwed in.


Pic from door


Up close


Other side


Backing in


From the front seats.


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Oops. I forgot to add to the post above.

Dc lvl 5 arrived. And decal put on

This sub is massive.

Now I'm waiting on the other one.



My friend tilting the sub


Lookin down at it


Oh and decal pic.


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Nice build so far dude!!! How did u get the black DC decal? do you just have to ask for the black one vs white one?

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Nice build so far dude!!! How did u get the black DC decal? do you just have to ask for the black one vs white one?

Thanks dude!

And I didn't even know they were gonna send me a decal.

I guess they randomly put one in unless you tell them

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Second LVL 5 18 came in yesterday from SuperCharged DC. Thanks dude!

and he threw in a couple decals.









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Glad the woofer got to you in one piece! Tuned in for the build

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