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What makes XS THE battery for car audio?

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and thats why i never owned kinetik,. had many friends who used them and evry single 1 ofthem swelled up bigg time

i only use shuriken and xs power.. i got a bt100 that ive had for 3yrs now and it still sits at 12.8 12.9..

i cant say enough good things about my xs power batteries they are just simply amazing

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This thread ended on a positive note. Users please keep it that way.



When your at the top everyone is coming for you, friends, family, haters and even those who don't know you.. my advice.. KILL EM ALL

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thats comedy..lol.......

side note, and or thread jack...Nathan, this is Kyle, from Mike, i just gotta say, with us and our situation, you were, and have been the ultimate pro's pro at what you do...... cant wait to get that bad boy in hand,... and spanks again, for everything.....

kyle and laura

edit - I was going to post a bunch of neato this and that regaurding you, and your product,...... but, i dont need to. Your stuff sells itself.....thanks again man...

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For me it's the customer service. Yes, they make a great product but at the end of the day I like dealing with a company who just has good people. I have been tempted to try new stuff but they make it hard. Lol.

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From my expierence only other batts. I've ran we're optima red top and kinetics...but just during the group buy I bought a xp3000 and needing a D3400 for under the hood...and with all the good things I'm hearing here seems like it was money well spent! I haven't installed it just yet because I'm waiting on my h.o. Alt. but good post...a lot of info and good reviews....

if you put a DD-1 in your amp terminal and it immediately went up in smoke, i would be concerned.

If you shoved your dick in the terminal and it didn't blow up but a month later it blew up, i STILL WOULDN'T be able to blame your dick.

It just does not make sense at all.

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i like xs power excellent customer service i like that i can email them and get next response the battery's performance is great i had kinetik and x static batcap in the past. xs power battery's have the highest voltage and i I've ever had is 12 volt battery's

people who have bought from me Team Bassick (ALPINE) Purplehaze nidus

head unit sony dsx-s310btx
subs 2 12 incriminator audio king of bass
subs amp incriminator audio 20.1
mids/highs amp incriminator audio 6.4
equalizer clarion
crossover interfire
alternator 1 mechman 240amp
battery's xs power 1 d2100 2 d3100
sky high car audio 1/0 awg ofc wires

memphis car audio 1/0 ofc
xs power xs flex 4 awg

sky high car audio 8 gauge ofc

sky high car audio 12 gauge ofc

t spec rca

check out my building log http://www.stevemead...frey-build-log/


check out audio gear i have for sale





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Dont forget the warranty period! 3yrs?! What other battery on the market is warrantied that long

Diehard and many other brands......

Cactus Sounds USA Team Captain

Multiple World Record Holders

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