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  1. your loss of gain with adding additional power could be because box is too big for the additional power you added. I ran into that exact same issue before. With a recalculated box from before and the additional power they do ok now.
  2. The way hes dressed makes him a wigger? Having a red shirt that fits, pants that fits and a red hat to match? I would watch what is said around here as we take offense to what you were said. You have been warned. Broke ass didnt say anything, i already noticed it as soon as you posted and was just waiting until i had time to reply. post has been deleted and only warning given
  3. Thanks! Interesting the kid gets labeled as a "wigger" for posting in a picture with a girl.
  4. The friends i got round me... wondering which one of them sour

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    2. pioneerforlife


      what up ninja. Its been a while

    3. Ninja_v1.0


      it has man how is life





    4. pioneerforlife


      Its been good man. Hope to see you at a show soon.  Gotta get you in the focus for a quick listen lol. 

  5. There is a shit ton of power there for sure.. I bought this one brand new and after a few mods it comes up first, second and sometimes third... whats crazy is that its not the fastest anymore by a long shot... still the adrenaline i get after riding this thing is amazing..
  6. its all fun and games until that monster comes out... they think its a game until they meet that monster in real life.. you cant click on ignore when that monster is in your face.. you cant click delete when hes staring you down.... all you can do is stand there in fear knowing you are not built for the type of life that you "claimed" you were about online.. damnit man i know exactly where you are coming from
  7. Thanks for the input.. i still have a lot of research to do.. another thing i consider is the temperature.. here where im at it gets cold.. like 0.. a buddie of mine who has a few lithium's couldn't even play his car because it was too cold with the lithium's.. well thanks for the insite. looks like i have much more learning to do
  8. Now this makes for an interesting debate.. In my situation i live on battery voltage meaning when i fill tilt i have 0 help from my alt.. with that being said i was told from multiple people that due to the resistance with the lithium that causes my alt to see a damn near dead sort and end up going ballz out trying to charge them up. I have seen and heard stories of people burning up alts due to this.. and within those stories they all stated that their alt was working harder with the lithium than with the agm.. so many stories, so many different opinions.. i have no clue on anything about lithium so its still a learning game for me but i dont wanna be in a situation where im going to burn up the alt i have.
  9. cool.. just wanting to make sure you have the changing behind the lithium...
  10. I'm assuming that you have the alt to back the lithium because from what I have heard and discussed with others, if you do not then your alt is going to have a bad day. Also another point is that you will want a AGM in front of the lithium back due to the low resistance of the lithium and the high charge acceptance having the alt to see close to a dead short causing the alt to go ball out until the battery charges back up. I hope some people who are only able to have a single alt in situations like mine, think about everything before they jump into the lithium boat. Maybe @Raptorman could chime in on what I said to clarify if what I am saying is true or not as he seems to know quite a lot about the subject?
  11. Everyone has different goals. There are alot of people that are using d3100's under the hood and in the rear of the car. I am one of them. If you click on the link here : You will see why I went with that way I did
  12. well after 3 months i finally figured out how to add a status update!!

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      He use to. Rusty was smart and nipped that in the bud with the quickness. 

  13. vcm wont work on a ford btw But he said it's a 2014 camaro which isn't a ford, which is why I said the VCM. i was just stating in general..
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