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im itchy just thinking about how much sanding is involved. good to see you kicking timmy!


1998 Chevy Silverado ext cab

Alpine CDA-9887

4 Team Fi 15s

2 Ampere Audio TFE 8.0

2 Ampere Audio 150.4

3 Digital Designs CS6.5 component sets

Dual Mechman 370XP Elite alternators inbound!

8 XS Power d3400

6 XS power d680

Second Skin


Tsunami Wiring

Sky High

A Real Voltmeter not a piece of shit stinger.

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Hell yeah! Board needs some updates on this man!

AA-Atomic-Clif Designs-DC-Diamond-Digital Designs-Directed-Eclipse-Fi-Hertz-Hifonics-Kenwood-Memphis-Phoenix Gold-Pioneer-PPI-PSi-Stinger-Sundown-TC Sounds-Viper-Zapco

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Haha. Well thank you guys...I need to get a damn PC ...so I can start consistently uploading pix...and become a regular again here at SMD!!

Now a lil bit of what's going on here, you all watched cavzilla and many many other things come together at the hands of Me! I Have been out of the loop...I Lost interest in all of car audio when all of my equipment was stolen...I've been Memphis Car Audio to the Core...since 2004...I've promoted them like no other..through competition..SMD...Fiberglass Forums..and every place else I've shared my work...I've PUT IN WORK...over the years...No doubt about that...I've recently been missing my van and all the fun I had building that monster...I've been thinking a lot about Cavzilla sitting behind the shop rusting and rotting.. :( I pulled her in the shop to attend to some rough sheetmetal...and a lot of thoughts consumed me...Cavzilla is a monster and its time to reveal her inner beast...I will be scrapping the glass...and replacing it with acrylic..for an extreme car type build.. But it'll be for show and demo. Fully musically capable...and FUN....Gods honest truth I have NO equipment at the present time...and I'm gonna need MFG help on this one..so if any of my SMD family can help a guy out..thatd be awesome.. I firmly believe that..over the years I have proven be a great marketing investment for any brand..and I can do this on entry level or mid grade equipment..and rep it proudly..I got a couple of hooks in the water ...but nothing is certain...I'm just gonna build ..and know that somthing will work out...I have every intention of stuffing twelve 15s and enough power,mids and highs to make ya piss yourself in Cavzilla..I just wanna build again...and I'm gonna

My MainMan,My lil Man,Dude,Bubb....My son Memphis @ 3years OldShow'em that car son..........

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well I'm excited now!

2002 Honda CR-V
Alpine 9887

My Build


Second Skin Damp
4 DC XL 15's
2 DC 5ks
Singer 320 amp
6 cap banks
Sky High wire
2 VM-1's

all under window line

Team DC Audio

Obama has a law he's trying to pass right now, trying to ban Leo for being a threat to children everywhere.

EDIT: Not in a JP kind of way.

I thought I was going to die from all the jizz filling my ears.

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