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the Hair Tricker (trying to trick with a single 18" in a 6th order)

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I'm changing to an 18" because I think a 4" VC woofer will be able to get the job done. leaning towards FI but waiting for an email I sent them to be answered. If you have a better 18" w/4" VC let me know.

Ok so my buddy gave me an Audiobahn AWIS-15 and four Audiobahn amps that are supposed to hook to this thing.

First. Is this thing worth a shit?
Second. Does anyone have specs on it if it is worth a shit?
Third. Is this thing worth a shit? Lol




Let me know if you know or someone that will know if it is worth a shit. I never liked audiobahn but hey a 15 and 6000 watts is hard to pass up.

The plans are a 6th order blow-through with lots of tricks and thickness.

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Its ok. Not great but best woofer they ever made. Mad inefficient


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Its ok. Not great but best woofer they ever made. Mad inefficient

So is it worth me building a super box around or just get a diff sub?

Do it. why not. worst comes to worse you end up swapping it out for something else.

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You did pretty well with the battle 8s 6th order. Why not? If she burns up swap her for something more ideal. If you plan on running four amps on the one sub then I would definitely recommend setting them up with a DD1 and CC1 if you got em. That coil will burn up real quick on music with four amps playing slightly different settings. Got pics of the amps?

It's all gone!

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