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I Got an $8400 Christmas Gift! D'Amore Engineering 1500.4 Dual Stereoblock Hi-Res Amplifier

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Look what i got for Christmas!  WOW!! thank you so much Tony and Juan!!! 





The A1500.4 is a True Dual Stereo Design providing better stereo separation and imaging as compared to traditional stereo amplifiers - the chassis being the only thing common between channels. In an effort to provide the very best signal to noise ratio and lowest distortion possible, 109 dB (A-weighted) and <0.027% THD+N the amplifier utilizes a Mirror Image Design with positive and negative output signals of each channel generated using identically mirrored circuitry. Each of the two channels is also a mirror image of the other. A1500.4 operates the current amplifier devices in class A/B operation and the voltage amplifier devices in pure balanced Class A mode offering a realism and truth to the source never before available from a mobile power amplifier.



From a design standpoint, the A1500.4 utilizes separate PCBs for the voltage amplification stage (and each of the 4 channels has its own) and current amplification stage to maximize the signal to noise ratio so that it's dead silent. It has been designed from the ground up around the highest quality components available at any cost, including; Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors, Nichicon Muse audio capacitors, (8) On-Semiconductor complementary bipolar junction transistors per channel, and non-inductive resistors, all assembled on 4-layer heavy copper PCBs! Its dual stereo channels can be wired as two single channels with double the output voltage for applications where high power is required. Finally, it includes two pair of gorgeous LED output meters to indicate actual amplifier power for each of the 4 channels as well being used for self diagnostics during a fault condition.



Total continuous sine output power > 2000 Watts RMS
Input Signal Reproduction Accuracy > 99.973%
Meets or Exceeds Japanese Hi-Res Audio Standards

Industry Standardized Power Ratings > 325 Watts Continuous X 4 into 4
14.4 VDC, 1kHz Sine, < 1% THD > 500 Watts Continuous X 4 into 2
All channels driven > 1000 Watts Continuous X 2 into 4 BTL

D’Amore Engineering Power Ratings > 250 Watts Continuous X 4 into 4
12.6 VDC, 1kHz Sine, <0.05% THD > 375 Watts Continuous X 4 into 2
All channels driven > 750 Watts Continuous X 2 into 4 BTL

Music Power Ratings > 400 Watts X 4 into 4
IHF-202 Dynamic Standard > 750 Watts X 4 into 2
14.4 VDC 1kHz < 1% THD > 1500 Watts X 2 into 4 BTL

Quality of Signal Reproduction / Other Electrical Measurements
All measurements at 12.6 V, 4 ohms, 1 kHz sine, 1⁄2 power unless specified otherwise
Frequency Response Flatness from 10 – 40,000 Hz +/- 0.3 dB
Frequency Response +0, - 1dB 7 – 80,000 Hz
Frequency Response +0, -3dB 3 – > 100,000 Hz
Signal to Noise ratio at full rated power > 109 dB A weighted
Damping Factor, 20Hz > 700
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.027%
Channel Separation (1/2), (3/4), (1/3), (2/4) < 80 dB, 80 dB, 100 dB, 100 dB
Max idle current 3 Amperes X 2
Max current (sine wave) 42rated power 70 Amperes X 2, 120 Amperes X 2
Efficiency at industry standard power rating, 4 65%
Efficiency at hard clipping, 4 > 75%
Operating DC Voltage range 10.0 V – 15.8 V
Input Sensitivity, balanced/unbalanced 400 mV – 8 V / 200 mV – 4 V
Input Impedance 10 k
Slew rate > 30 V/S

Mirror Image circuit board design – Identical performance from every output channel
Dual Stereo-block design – One power supply for every 2 output channels
Low EMI radiation design – for use in high end automobiles with sensitive onboard electronics
Class A/B – emitter follower design with Class A voltage amplifier, Class A/B current amplifier
Calibrated LED Meters – monitor the output signal vs the high voltage power supply for
accurate feedback of how close to clipping the output signal is at any load impedance. Also
used for indication of Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Over-current, and Over-temperature
protection system activations

TI / Burr Brown Balanced Input - For lowest noise and hiss
Internal, independent balanced / unbalanced input switches for each channel
Dual differential Voltage Amplifier Stage - For lowest distortion and very high slew rate
Bi-Polar junction output transistors - For best sound quality and dependability
N-Channel MOSFET Switching Power Supply - For best efficiency and high power density
Nichicon Fine Gold and MUSE Audio grade capacitors in critical locations
Aluminum Oxide Ceramic heatsink isolators for maximum heat transfer into heatsinks
Non-inductive feedback loop for high performance at high frequencies
4-layer heavy copper main PCBs and voltage amplifier PCBs
Voltage amplifiers mounted perpendicular to current amplifiers on their own 4-layer circuit
boards to minimize noise

Protection systems
Real time analog output device monitor - 2 slope limiting system for overload protection (lower
than recommended impedance or short circuit conditions)
Atmel microprocessor control and monitoring of critical systems via high speed 10-bit Analog to
Digital converters
Battery voltage - For under-voltage and over-voltage conditions
Remote Turn on request
4 precision temperature sensors, each heatsink individually monitored
Output current, output voltage
Power supply high voltage section
Power supply PWM controller
LED Display Meters
Cooling Fan PWM speed control

Dual 0 AWG SWWS power and ground, one per stereo-block
8 – 18 AWG SWWS speaker connectors
Dual 12 – 20 AWG SWWS remote turn-on connectors, one per stereo-block

Recommended Fusing
150 A fuse recommended per Stereo-block, not included, external

Base plate machined from 190 mil thick (4.8mm) 6061 aluminum, clear anodized
Heatsinks, 4 pieces CNC machined 6061 aluminum blocks, not cast, clear anodized
Top Cover, steel sheet metal, powder coated
Dimensions, inches / millimeters 23.25 x 11.0 x 2.25 / 590 x 280 x 57
Weight, Lbs / kg 27.8 / 12.6

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