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I want to see this thing next to a Nightshade 15" and something else below a night shade, something else more common

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Big boy... more like little girl. No seriously I was at Jacob's shop the other day and I got to see one of these things in person and it was massive. He didn't have one with a cone on it due to the fiberglass former cover coming off of the one he had ready. I did see Brandon playing around with one doing something to it though. I can't really recall exactly what he was doing but it was something for sure. Jacob, if you want to see what one of these beasts can do on a meter I'll offer my car up as a testing vehicle to see if a better number is possible out of it. The Focus meters pretty well. I think that I might have also found out what was wrong with it the other day too. The box happened to come unscrewed from the mount on one side and moved closer than 4" away from the back of the hatch. That may have made the difference we saw in spl out of it. The side that moved closer was almost 3" away from the back of the hatch instead of 4". I talked to quite a few competitors and they said that in a street vehicle like mine that a little movement like that could definately account for .8dbs. Not to mention the vehicle being uncharged. If it's cool with you I'd like to come over again some time and see what it can do charged with the box back in the location it is supposed to be in.

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