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Dc Audio Wallpaper

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Noice!! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping::friends:

Vehicle: 1997 S10 Blazer 4dr 4X4

Exterior: Rear End Bagged, Black Grill, Lifted 2"

Amplifiers: Rockford Fosgate T8004 & T10001bd

Batteries: 2 Stinger SPV35, Kinetik HC2400

Electrical: Big 3, DC Power 290amp Alternator w/ MLA at 15.5v

Enclosure: 4.2 ft³ @ 33Hz 84sq.in. of port (20sq.in. per cube)

Headunit: Eclipse CD3200 w/ 80G iPod

Mids/Highs: Rockford T152s (a-pillars), Rockford T162s (doors)

Subwoofers: 1 15" Fi BL Fully Loaded

Wire: All 1/0g Kicker Hyperflex

My YouTube Videos

My Fiberglass A-Pillar Build

My "Seamless" Looking Box Build

My DD1508 T-Line Bandpass Build "Seamless" w/ Acrylic Windows (for '05 TrailBlazer)

My Stealth 8" Fiberglass Build (for '05 TrailBlazer)

My Build For A Friend's '08 Cobalt 15" BL Sealed Off From The Trunk

My feedback/references...

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hubba hubba

I know a lil about everything so dont call me Mr. Know it All.

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WOW, nice um.................... finger nail polish :blink:

* Eclipse CD3200 with PAC SWI-CAN2 and SW-ECL2 Steering Wheel Controls Interface
* Pioneer D-Series Mids and Highs ( Fronts: TS-D1702C; Rears; TS-D1702R and Dash; TS-D1002R )
* Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 ( Mids and Highs Amp )
* DC 3.5k with Dual Inputs; Custom Plexiglass Backing ( Sub Amp )
* Rockford Fosgate Balanced Line Driver

* One FULLY LOADED ~ 10" DC m2 XL
* Custom Built Carpeted Ported Box Tuned to 32hz. Single Chamber With Volume of 1.44618³ ft ; 1.13216³ ft After Displacement
* Custom Built Carpeted Trunk Wall with Added Fans for Amplifier Cooling
* MechMan 240a High Output Alternator

* KnuKonceptz Krystal Kable RCA Cables
* Upgraded Electrical With 1/0 KnuKonceptz Kolossus Fleks Kable and 1/0 Sky High Car Audio Cable
* Five Exide Orbital ORB34M Marine 12 Volt Batteries
* PowerMaster XS D3100 12 Volt Battery

My 2008 Chrysler 300 Limited - SuperCharged 3.5L V6 - UBL

My Old 2005 Ford Taurus - CarDomain - Vehicle Was Sold

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YEAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Let's get em

4 JL Audio 12w6's (wall)

4 Pioneer 6x9's (built into the wall)

4 Memphis 6.5's components (one set in kick panel and one set in the door)

Orion 2400 amp (old long black amp)

Orion 800.4 amp

Mechman 250 amp rhino series alternator

0 guage everywhere

Kinetik 2000 for bass

Kinetik 800 for highs

Memphis Digital Processor

147.1 db @60 hertz

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This pic makes me wanna buy DC now great marketing plan it really works ;)


-CA.com-Gianotti(2 18" FI BTL D1) Slowd N Throwd(Wiring),Ebrunn(PC monitor),Rab(HK4000D)

-SMD.com-Nismofreak(Radar),BigP(Phone Headset),anonymous(Xbox360 Headset)

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:shakes head:

REST IN PARADISE BIG RICH (Sqmonte) never forgotten

Why do you guys ALWAYS dispute on NUMBERS?????

It's such a played out argument, so fucking annoying....

It's 12 fuckin 15's.... It's louder than you... Shut the fuck up...



I'm so jealous, it makes me want to club baby seals. That shit gets down HARD!

dont buy from knowledge he will scam you.


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Pinned for the hawtness :spiteful:

does Anna know about her?

center console: lvl 4 12 1.75 cu ft tuned 37htz

alpine cda-9886

dc audio 120.4

infinity kappa 6.5" components

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What's that stuff on her lip? Look like a clip of a ring..

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