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The NEW 12v AGM Charger from XS (very small!)

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Just got my new XS Power Intellicharger and tonight i put it to work. Its like 1/8th the size of the bigger ones but should do the job just fine. So far, this little buger is great! I dont think its on the website anywhere yet but im sure if you ask where to get one, they will tell you. I like this thing much better then the big red box, although i have no problem with those either :D I just dont drive the Tahoe as much and my other 2 chargers are on the Rezcalade and the Honda. I figured i would give the new one a try on the Tahoe.



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Hell ya looks dope! :drink40:

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looks badass bro..Damn ima have to drive down one day and get a demo of the hoe.

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Quality is all in how you take pictures ;) I have plenty of projects that look WAY better on camera then in person :D

crazy to fit so many in so little. Reminds me of some of the porns I've seen?

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specs? price?

you said its on 12amp, does that mean it has a few manual settings?

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Yeah. im pretty sure they dont warranty retarded people.

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Nathan had these discounted during the group buy. Wished I had extra money to pick one up at the time.


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looks kinda like the napa one that i have..maybe this one is better??

That's why they don't deliver.

Yer ass better go sit along the side of the road and wait.

You can't expect them to travel up some dirt road in a hick / back woods town. Thats how horror movies start :D

I explain things very simply and use analogies in terms of Pickles, and grape drink, pool noodles and jackhammers...if you can't put 2 and 2 together there man, There simply is not much more I can do.

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