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  1. Dope ass Build Kyle. Strange indeed not see a crazy ass wall being built!
  2. I absolutely loathe country but I'll listen to Johnny cash. Personally I like his cover of this song better than the original. The song is actually kind of fitting for him too since he struggled with drug addiction his whole life. I agree - I saw Reznor say that this now Cash's song, no longer his. Said it was meant to be. I love horns, They were huge back when I was younger(early 90's), I love seeing them in modern builds.
  3. videos are out there if you just can't wait...one popped up on my F/B newfeed several days ago.LOL Wicked Build!
  4. Love exo cage boxes..very cool. and nearly 18K on mids and highs...dizzam! Tuned in for sure!
  5. HAHA- My OCD is very happy with the alignment of the logos for the alts. Looks amazing.
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