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  1. If you read the paper work with the batteries it says 14.9V and under. Cold start is not very relevant, when it heats up you are going to be right around recommended voltage. In the winter you may cold start 16V though
  2. subs up port back. Do you think you could suffice with a 6" aero?
  3. I would say this belongs in the junk drawer or big boy toys maybe... Angels are cheap now and very nice guns.
  4. Did you tell the customer when the box explodes it isn't your fault? lol
  5. And only about $300, thats a really good buy. I was actually going to go up to guns and gear in 2 hours and try and haggle on a phoenix hp-25A .25acp if they have one I like these little guns.
  6. First off why are you kids not in school second, did they even get anything from the car
  7. Don't tell your woman a thing! lol glad that you are getting some justice
  8. hahaha, there is a bj's near me that I never knew of and I was going by at about 60mph saw it out of the corner of my eye. Wtffff. That show charmed just came on and Coolio is some evil magician xD
  9. That thing is very very nice. I have 4 friends who are serious riders, they bust up their bikes pretty good They get new frames like every year.
  10. I need to get metered again. My hifonics was only doing about 750 watts so I got a saz-1500. On 767 watts I did a 145.3dB. One day I will own more power
  11. And making a posting saying that isn't something everybody wants to read either. But I agree, making a long post giving a explanation detail isn't worth reading. Do us all a favor and jump off your high horse. Your smart ass attitude and holier than thou behavior wont last long around here if it continues. As for you clearing up all the bullshit? Prove you knowledge to actually give out proper advice or STFU. Pictures are worth a 1000 words so stop being a pussy and get YOUR work up for everyone to see. What's the point of me posting pictures? What's that got to with anything? The A team- I wish I could of seen your original post because your short version didn't quiet get the point across. Are you saying a normal mounted sub will be louder a 100% of the time? No matter the install? And your using Extreme and SS vehicles as your example? And to whoever said check mate, like that's really a infinite answer and a 100% fact. Lol. Seems this site is caught up on WHO you are, not what you know. Or the louder you are, the more you know. Psht. I still don't see the point on anybody knowing who I am or what I've personally done. I'm not asking for respect for that. And what I've personally done is irrelevant to this thread and most of the post I will make. There's plenty of people that know a lot but haven't actually applied it to a actually install. Example, just because I haven't personally tested a certain idea, doesn't mean I can't come to a conclusion of the outcome. Me showing pictures of equipment I run or install I currently have shouldn't reflect any knowledge I have, or anybody else for that matter. People like myself research 100 times more before I even consider making a purchase or doing a install. I don't buy and build now, then figure out what I'm doing, like most. Still, most of the replies or conclusions I make will have little to do with something I personally have installed. You think I've tested inverted subs vs normal? No. But I can tell you there are to many variables to give a defiant answer. In ANY INSTALL. That's just understanding how to properly test. Still doesn't mean I have the resources to conclude such tests. Invalid tests are just as useless as no testing at all. Yet plenty of people test and don't consider the effect of the uncontrollable variables or account for them. And give out there tested info as facts. Do I really need to go on? I still see no point in me showing anything, I'm not here for that. I'm here to gather info and give out proper info. If somebody doesn't think I'm right? Do REAL research, not just on THIS site. People don't realize how much knowledge you can actually have by only knowing certain things. If don't you like my posts, simple don't read them. And definitely don't complain about them. Things would be a lot simpler if you just avoided it all together. Also, I haven't seen where I been a smart ass either to the people who said I have. Minus the one reply to Dwight, but he was one first. What info did you pick up and where that has made you come to the conclusion that mounting inverted yields the same results.
  12. Real, that sort of stuff happens all the time but people don't usually have a camera rolling. Derrick's fb pics a tire flew up and boke someones windshield
  13. Don't seed it until the fall. The best way but the hardest way would be to till the entire yard and over-seed. Now its too late to seed because the heat will kill them. I am no lawn professional but thats my .02
  14. can't wait to go back to the bar tonight

  15. Just because other subs have 3" coils does not mean the recone will fit so don't suggest it. Different top plate spacing could cause issues and different spiders could cause it to bottom out and blow
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