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  1. damn! it will probably be gone by the end of this weekend, but if it's not, i'm taking the wire. gotta work a few shifts to make some decent money this weekend lol
  2. i been planning on checking out kaliko's new album. i like about 4 of the 6 songs on that EP. LOVE the intro to klusterfuk. HATE the bitch talking at the end of it. lol tech is raw in concert. i wanna see him again, but next time i get to would be july 4th, so i'm not sure how that'll pan out for me
  3. because if you go too big and miss a small step, you could end up with a big disaster. just quadruple check that you have ALL corners covered
  4. i don't think this was posted yet, but he's got some new stuff out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36Sp4dKWn4k there's a couple other good ones, but i can't find them on youtube. and those there aren't the orignal tracks, they've been altered. originals are much better
  5. there's also a sticky thread in one of the subforums with pretty much every audio related term with a definition
  6. Thanks Torres for the reply. I went to Home Depot and those clamps are like $20 bucks a pop! Too expensive for me since I wont be using them often. So glue first, then predrill then drill each panel at a time? Do I start off gluing the back to the bottom first then the sides or is there a specific order? oh wow yeah that's pricey. they have them at harbor freight for much much cheaper. but yeah i'd also start with the bottom piece, then the sides and the port then slap the top on. definitely predrill or you'll be splitting lots of wood
  7. a jig saw will get the job done. the specs should have the cutout diameter for the sub then use a tape measure/compass to map out the circle. and clamps aren't really expensive, but you do need a drill and some wood glue to keep it assembled
  8. ah well that's not too too bad. i just finished one for a member on here, and i have another lined up for one of my friends. may try a bandpass with it, she just wants bass back in her car so any bass will be fine for her
  9. north east kentucky, where at exactly? i'm in ky by cincinnati
  10. tape off the ipad completely and make a fiberglass mold for it. then make a faceplate for the front of the screen, then glass the mold to the faceplate. make sure it slides in and out easily enough. i also recommend putting a felt type fabric on the inside of the mold to prevent scratches
  11. musically, going below 1 ohm is not necessary or beneficial
  12. the pic is a rendering of the product. not even a beta model. everyone is so quick for pricing lol. given what the other items can do and the price they're at, i'm sure this will also be affordable.
  13. sure, it could move air and meter decently, but how does it sound for daily music? as in normal music that's not slowed down or altered
  14. i'm aware that the knob position doesn't mean anything, but given that you simply turned it down to avoid clipping i was curious as to how you were sure that the signal was correctly matched, as in voltage-wise. say one is at 9.5 volts, then another is at 10.2 volts. you could have turned it down two or three or four times as much and it still wouldn't be clipping. but then chances are they wouldn't be fully matched. but that last part with the CC-1 answered my question if it detects it with the light. i plan on getting the CC-1 eventually, but if i have to set multiple amps before then, i'm going to use a DMM in conjunction to ensure that they are all not clipping, and that the voltage is set the same. basically what i was curious about
  15. good vid. but one thing i have a question about is when doing more than one amp/channel to match up with, wouldn't you want to use a DMM in conjunction in order to make sure they're fully matched? sure, they're not distorting, but the physical position of the gain may be slightly off causing different readings on a DMM. it may not even be much to matter, but something i've been curious about. i brought it up in another thread a while ago, but never saw a reply about it. and sure, it's just a demonstration of the products themselves, but just asking regardless since i don't have any equipment to try it on myself lol
  16. i received mine today. quality is really nice on it. neat to see that it was signed too. wasn't quite expecting that i'm gonna have to find a pouch of fab up some kind of protective case. i wanna keep it protected from all the hazards in my tool bags
  17. you'll definitely want a plunge router. or a fixed base with a plunge attachment included. i got a ryobi one, but it still does everything i need it to do just fine, and with ease. kinda wanna get a better quality one tho. it's loose and when i go to tighten it after i plunge it in the right depth, it slightly shifts. makes lil divots i guess you could call em in rings when i do em. little sanding fixes that, but still
  18. i've used this method before. few years back. also used the grommets. both worked well for me. box was also very braced
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