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  1. I have to say this is probably the best online site ive ever encountered. im not a member of forums but im sure glad the only one i ever joined is more like a family. and yeah i have not seen alot of people on here that ive learned alot from i just cannot remmeber their names. i know i was off here for several months getting busy with school and such
  2. with the no sleeve option and thicker coil. does that mean power handling will go up?
  3. Gonna get rid of the team cactus 7k and go to two 3.5's... sucks that i busted my ass to buy a money pit

    1. SilveradoGoesBang


      What wrong with me amp? If nothing how much?

  4. Can someone explain the certified uncertified and dynamic part? Just to be clear. Lol But 7k out of a 5k is unreal. To think I'm wanting a 7.5k ?
  5. yeah a level 4 will be pretty nice in the right box.
  6. why ? the output on a sealed box will not be enough to actually feel lows. they will play but it probably wont respond well under 30 hz very well. just my opinion and experience. ito understand is ... the problem is ... the same space in my ducted plays very strong and low, however'm 160L in ported... my video : i dont understand what youre trying to say.
  7. why ? the output on a sealed box will not be enough to actually feel lows. they will play but it probably wont respond well under 30 hz very well. just my opinion and experience.
  8. lol okay thanks. ive never played with this much power.
  9. running a cactus 7k wanting to know if this is gonna be enough electrical. 3 xp3000s in the back a die hard platinum plus group 65 up front mechman 270. its a daily driver and i dont beat on it too hard. im pretty good about watching voltage. just wanna make sure itll be able to play pretty decently without alot of drain.
  10. wrecked my truck two days after finishing my system ... smh pretty sure it all survived though

  11. wish i could just finish school already. damn you

  12. i feel like my build gets no love. poor kid trying his hardest here.

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    2. Raptorman


      mine either, lol. I actually just gave up on updating it. I've done a lot a shit since the last update.

    3. 97Jetta1637


      build log isn't suppose to be an ego stroke. suppose to be a reference of past noobness and, "wtf, i did that?"

    4. D-train-13k


      lol i dont care about love, im still a noob i think. mostly just want opinions and to make sure im doing it right.

  13. direct leads? or just trim the 10g until is like 14 or so then put it in. i have that same wire running my pwx's little did i know their terminals didnt accept 10g wire :I
  14. Question about that. To get all technical, if you connect the smaller one to the bigger one, what happens with the current? Like if you crank it to start the car, does the power come from the bigger one, or both? And the alternator charges which? I get what you mean about how to wire them, just wondering about the technical aspect of it. running batteries in parallel such as how everyone does on here mean that the total amperage of each battery will be put together thus creating in a sense a much larger battery with more capacity. voltage will still stay the same on this kind of a circuit. if you connect the alternator to the front battery it will charge both batteries. in a sense it will push amperage through the first battery then the second and so on and so forth
  15. wish i had a little bit of money to finish my build.

    1. MarioB


      Wish i had a lot of money to start my build

    2. Crandis16


      what do you still need to do?

  16. I have two bc2ks strapped at 1ohm. One of them is over a year old. Wired at .5 ohm for a while. They're great amps. Voltage control is good. Them thing go into protect exactly at 15 volts no worries there. They handle .5 all day. Even beating the piss outta them. They don't get abnormally hot. Overall for the money these are some of the best amps I've seen in action. I clamped the one by itself at .5 ohm and rise went to 1ohm in my box and was doing 2150 give or take. So they're pretty good amps
  17. why do the SD enclosures need nearly the same 2cubic feet of air space as the SAs seems a little much for two smaller subs.
  18. aq120.4 crescendos coming out wit a new 4 chan as well not sure on ratings. but their prices are always top knotch
  19. okay. and ray while your here. what should i set my Low pass to.. i think im set at 80hz area i cant remember off the top of my head. all i want is hammering lows. i dont play around with much over 60 hz. unless im listening to rock and country. as well as a good setting for my mids. ?
  20. basically thats to help blend in with the rest of the system so your not having random gaps in response?
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