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  1. All I can say is that bish is even badder. I've driven a Polaris RZR 1000 going mudding and all and that thing alone is bad. Can't imagine what a 900 with turbo does. Sweet.
  2. I wonder what my DC 2.0K was putting out when I had it wired @ 1 ohm. Now its running 2 ohm on my SA8v2's. hmmm...
  3. Yes it gave me the same thing when I opened with Mozilla Firefox. Not my phones Android browser.
  4. They look sweet. I need to look up the specs and dimensions on these.
  5. I'm in the hospital just got my appendix removed.

  6. Im running 2 and they are very nice. I get plenty of compliments and get asked if I have 2 12's.
  7. its raining and I havent put a dent in my build yet. sux.

  8. Well I need to find someone that can make me an enclosure thats going underneath the back seat of my '12 GMC Sierra CC. Its gonna be an odd shaped enclosure or else I would have done it. Its a slanted type. Im gonna have to raise my back seat some.
  9. I would of cleaned it wiped it down with that stripper. Bought some high heat paint, about 2 coats. Also a can of clear spray for the clear coat. Works well and would of been less work then blasting. Sucks you didnt have a grinder bro.
  10. Make a ported until you find what's best for your application. You've made T-lines so this should be a piece of cake.
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