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  1. Buying 93 octane gas for it to be shitty and the same as 87 oct. fuck that! I swear it's ether poor quality an weak or water in the tanks. Then when you complain you get what seems like a sales pitch on some type filter they have that won't allow water pass. BULLSHIT! My truck goes dead before I make it out the parking lot lol . Fuck that!!
  2. If I didn't have my email used in so many different areas, I would drop yahoo and go with a much better service.tomorrow I have to start emailing everything to change it. Big ordeal too I'm still in shock this is happening . I've had this email for years an it pisses me off! That I have to change mine an deal with giving it out again
  3. No fucking joke. Haven't been able to delete any mail of any sort. And can't see attachments.i can't even get in my email lol called them to try with 0 luck but they can an did delete my email account but couldn't let me reset my password after I've been hacked. Wtf!!
  4. its called a fence and that sucks when they won't stay straight. You better off with a skilsaw
  5. Today I slide under a old parts truck to pull a break line . Checking it out with a flash light and herd a sound behind me so I slowly turn my head around looking directly above my face about 10inches away is a football size red wasp nest fully loaded sitting there looking me in the face. Talk about calmly sliding out an running lol yea fuck that they can have that truck lol
  6. Yea I guess I forget how I wS in my teens an early 20s lol it's easy to forget about all these youngsters on here . Lil thug ass fuckers
  7. tjats the most disrespectful shit you could say to a girl. I don't see you having a decent relationship treating women like there worthless an putting a stupid ass 4 wheeler before them, you got lots to learn
  8. I was coming on here to bitch about my shitty day . And I seen this^^ and was like I've been there more than once. And know what that feels like. Made my shitty day less important seeing fellow members being done so cold . I wish you luck sutliff.
  9. dam man . Sorry this happened but this is the price we fools go thru to find love. Women can be the coldest creatures in the world . And also the most sweetest warmest loven creatures at the same time. Look at it this way bro you probly are better off , and there's so many girls out here just waiting for a guy like us to find them. Stay strong my friend the right girls waiting around the corner.
  10. This iPhone changing the f word it to duck or ducking. It ducking pisses me off! And to go back and change it is a bitch! I miss my droid x 2 lol
  11. i have back problems too man an that shit hurts bad! Only relief I got wAs lortab 10s . It sucks to live on pain meds but it's better than hurting 24 7 . I can't even sleep mine bothers me so bad . I'm around 200 pounds an not over weight. I got ran over when I was 14 an it screwed my back up.
  12. eating four bowls of cereal in middle of night in a seroquel coma then realizing the milk is baddam foo what did you smoke ? Lmao
  13. hey jack ass! This is the best car audio forum in the planet. Just because no one what's to hear your bullshit does t mean something's wrong with the forum! If you don't like it here dont log on here! Simple fuck wad hope you have enough iq left to understand my post
  14. People who bash good company's when they don't even have real time experience with the product there bashing .
  15. That's actually pretty accurate lol. At least in the Appalacians.Appalachian Americansik I peed on that one
  16. So the lesson here kids is that just cause you have a red neck doesn't mean your a red neck lmao!
  17. yea I think your right on that lol! And I'm not a red neck anyways lol I'm a mutt to be honest . I have all kinds of blood pumping thru my veins. So if anything I could be called a half breed lol . My ancestors where all whore dogs an screwed any thing lol. Lots of native an French in my family . Mostly native tho
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