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  1. Check out the DD Challenger log! DD M4 amp GUTS!!!

  2. That's what else I was thinking, just trying to clarify haha. Yeah I would suggest at minimum a 5 channel, and at max dedicated amps, one for sub stage, and the other for doors and dash.
  3. Wait, you're talking about running 6+ speakers on 4 channels? While mixing the channels with subs and door speakers?
  4. probably low voltage. SA amps some good protection circuitry. Edit: Also TrunkMuzik. the way it usually works. If you are running more than RMS power, you go with a smaller size of the box. If you have less than RMS. You go for the bigger size box.
  5. It makes sense..I count as 1 subscriber..yet i've watched multiple videos,multiple times.Im especially partial to the amp test tuesday videos.Ive watched a few of those like3-4 times already. I'm talking about how the #1 has almost 3 mil subs, and how steve has barely over 300k. Yes, steve isn't as far behind in views. the % difference is enormous. It's like people sub to the #1 person but barely watch their videos.
  6. Wow, you are SOO far behind in subs but so close in views. That don't even make sense lol. Congrats though, glad I could help you get to the top lmao
  7. I can't wait to get this, I just can't seem to justify paying full price for a game that's been out for over a year already. Steering wheel don't work for the game?
  8. Simple green? CLR? Nice work though, lots to do in that short time.
  9. If you can get some t/s specs on those x6.5's. I didn't even know they made a 6.5 version of the X series lol
  10. No, if the batteries are same brand and battery type you can get away without using one. You mainly want to use one of those, when you have multiple batteries that rest at different voltages.
  11. Lol this kid is funny. Even more funny is the guy who had problems with crockford. I have never had an issue with any of many amps from them. Only one actually and that was probably because I was feeding a class AB 9v, they don't like that so that's my fault. Steve has had his system up and running for YEARS and YEARS without issues. That one dude said he installed 4 rockord amps and had issues with them and sent them all back. Looks like they all had a problem with how you installed them. Scrub tiers.
  12. Post up a video. How much power you giving them?
  13. Has anyone had the, It's not your father rootbeer yet? I absolutely LOVE THAT SHIT. It's dangerous I swear. You don't even taste alcohol.
  14. Then you know what you do? Go back home, wrap that bitch in a towel, and stuff it in the microwave for 15 minutes. Then bring it back and say it overheated. To Tony, Damn dude. +1 for the SMD GEAR!
  15. Lol, you only need 1 or 2 to catch a buzz lol.
  16. http://www.wccaraudio.com/smd-dd-1-and-cc-1-combo-pack.html
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