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  1. Yea I'm probably going to when I'm not at work.... Unless I stop being a dumbass and figure out why paypal forces me to use bank account during checkout. go to your account settings.... should be an option to "add/modify payment"
  2. there is usually a shipping charge on ebay.... I didn't check you links though..
  3. MECHMAN, I'd like to have this unit "de-tuned" which will lower total output as a whole but increase my idle voltage.... when can I do this? what would be the TAT for this procedure as well? With the winter months starting to settle in, I am getting high 11's with the heater on... smh....
  4. good stuff... too bad I don't own any skar, SSA has made me broke.... :-(
  5. Lol. My fingers are crossed man. Realty dont have much but deadening left to do.
  6. yes.... I'm hoping that it wouldn't come at a cost to me as I have a 270a unit .... Let me know Mr Mechman... I'll borrow some monies to get this unit uninstalled and shipped if so..... Thanks again
  7. This was received less than one year ago ..... This image is from the shipping of the unit which wasn't even the correct unit: Oh okay, well I need to get some monies AGAIN to get this unit uninstalled .. That offer is a great option because I was relying on my car during the Hurricane Sandy fiasco and I had no power for over a week... So I used a bit more gas charging up electronics in my vehicle... It was dipping into the 11's again if I didn't push down on the accelerator....
  8. On some models it can, on this vehicle he already has the smallest recommended pulley. Not that I am aware of at this time, but if your idle is too low it's a simple matter of using a flash programmer to raise the idle speed. Can you guys find a company for me that does it for my car? I think it'd be a good gesture as I've looked and found nothing so far... thanks mechman
  9. Tim unfortunately I have yet to resolve my issue. I have found no way to adjust the throttle as stated a few posts above. I lost my job shortly after my last post and couldn't afford to pay a mechanic to remove the alternator, then pay to ship it and be without a car for however long it would take....then get it back and pay my mechanic to install it once again. Even if there is a way to adjust the RPM it won't affect mileage much as even with continually revving the car at red lights I still get about 350 to 380 miles to the tank.
  10. I thought I had clicked on a different tab in my browser when I saw those amazing grills.... hahahaha
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