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  1. Voltage issues

    Is this at idle or at rev you see the low low dip? What ohm load are you showingthe amp?
  2. I had one of the old school, red brick house type chargers,... I HOOKED it up wrong, and blew the fuck outta it. I called and talked to Chris, i told him straight up, it needs repair, i hooked it up wrong, ... he said "no worries, i just sent you a new one, its on its way, here is the info,... just send that one back whenever ya want". ... Fuck yes.
  3. Recommendation for a new sub?

    No doubt. They have lower tier drivers,.. look at those.
  4. Dd1 on deck power

    Has DD1, but uses multimeter method to set gains. Im lost as shit....
  5. Agree. That rig is lookin beyond aweseom dude. Looks fuggin great. And its just gettin better. Tuned for more fooooor sure
  6. Call em at xs power hq bro. Tennessee i believe. They are sooooo good about exchanges and repairs and such. So good 865-688-5953 Try rhat number. Its the one that i used last to buy a full pallet of bats. Just call, and let em know. They are so dope with help, RMA numbers, returns and support dude. Good luck yo.
  7. Recommendation for a new sub?

    ^^^^^ this, i would look at Alphard which i believe is now all DEAF BOUNCE , and PRIDE, which i think the two are affiliated, ... and skip out on some over seas shipping. Great drivers, the dude that runs nothing but DEAF BOUNCE here, loves them, is LOUD as fuck, all the good stuff. Id sniff around those peeps first, then look over the pond if it was me..... Good luck finding ya something. I forget how lucky we are here sometimes.
  8. I know its a bit early, but, where is everyones CES pics/vids and such? Im actually sitting this year out, ...sad face, so any pics and vids would be awesome. Have fun and be safe those there/going.


  9. BUDDY ???!!?!? Ive already seen the rig, which looks rad by the way on FB and such,.... just neatO to see you back on here mate lol. Stay gold bud.
  10. crescendo bc2000 only doing 1000rms, why?

    "ok sorry you actually did have a shop test it out, sorry for doubting you" And again, best of luck with your issue. I will just stay out of all the dumb fuck threads you start on here, from now on. Ill block you, and wont see a single thing you post. So that way, you wont feel threatened or whatever, and i wont make the mistake of replying to anything having to do with you what so ever ... AGAIN, Take care. Keep bumpin.
  11. crescendo bc2000 only doing 1000rms, why?

    Forgot i even commented on this.... slow your roll there chief, i was just saying that a shop, in the far north, has created their own amplifer DYNO , that, has taken TD a few years to create, seemed a little "off, and, well, bullshit" to me. A piece of testing gear, that can show out put, of a board, at certain loads, reactive loads. That was all man. Im to old to really give a shit either way, but, there seems there is a problem, ... I think you could tell from one amp to the other, or if it didnt come close to perfroming the "same" even to your earhole when it came back from nendo repair. The 1k board in the 2k case is nonsense. Just non sense. ANYWAY,... Also, the gain knob being fucked up, youd think such a highly reguarded shop woulda noticed that also. Willing to bet that could be your issue. Maybe that shop, knowing what they are looking for, may be able to fix you up. Again man, relax, and lets see this issue can get sorted, ... If i came off as an asshole, well, thats kinda just fact, but, i think you misread some of my asshole, not letting me get full credit on legit asshole. Stay frosty up there yo, and keep us informed on the outcome. You seem like your gonna get to the bottom of it hell or high water, and thats rad. Good luck.
  12. I recall that going down. We chatted a bit about the driver's and such. Good luck with this go round. I'm in,.,
  13. thoughts on ascendant audio mayhem 12s

    All good man Frankie is a stand up dude. Definitely one of the good guys.
  14. thoughts on ascendant audio mayhem 12s

    Just saw this. Imho, for what it's worth, is a damn fine driver. Used it personally, and seen them beat on in several rigs. Some on lowosh power, a couple with all the power on tap. 2 tfhe 9ks on 4 18s in one. Play wicked low, reliable as fuck, sound fantastic doing it. Great great driver. Again, imho. Have you bought em yet? I may be able to help some