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  1. Where do i post for sale items still new to forums thanks n god bless!!

  2. Best way to tune my system when i have no cd player?

  3. Twisted sounds 3.5k or cresendo 3.5k and is twisted sounds 3.5k efficient like cresendo need info thx

  4. Texas Heat Wave in Austin... Anyone going?
    I wasnt able to finish the enclosure yet, but I plan on showing off the cage work, drinking with audio fam, and get demos all weekend.

  5. New here, have had a system in most every car I've had. Recently am working on a 95 Buck Roadmaster install/ build not doing anything crazy or not looking to compete just love the bass and the hobby. Also got a 11 accord daily driver working on that too. Looking to install a good 8" sub in that car have a Pioneer Premier 12" at the moment sounds good but rattling the car apart. Anyone have any recommendations open to ideas and opinions leaning towards Sundown subs have orion amp waiting for the roadmaster, also have a Alpine SWX-1043D sub in box for roadmaster(temp until i upgrade).  

  6. Hello everyone I'm an old school bass-head and new to the group...anyone know about anything for So-Cal Inland Empire bass-head groups? I'm in Ontario CA, thanks in advance for any info, cheers!

  7. Just wanted to introduce myself everyone just calls me Chef, at home, at work or just chillin with friends. I am building a system bit by bit for my Civic any tips or tricks are always welcome.   

  8.  im enjoying this rockville sub drama going on. rockville looks like such idiots

  9. $1000 for subs... dont know what to get?!?!?!

  10. 2010 Chevy Silverado extended cab 4 door . Trying to figure it out for serious bass 

  11. Dang, when did @SnowDrifter get that fancy supermod tag?

    Congrats, bro.

  12. Hey Watup I’m new to the forum but love the car audio life had many subs and systems but need some info on digital designs supercharge options for a 9500 15 

    1. Kyblack76


      Cheers and welcome mate. Start a thread, under the proper header. This section is more for just horsing around. Start a thread under "subwoofer or enclosure" . Welcome to the forum bud. 

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  13. I just bought 2-Alpine Type-XW10D4 subs in a custom Ported box that I had built to subs specs. I have over $900 dollars in this setup, has less than an hour playing time, and under warranty. Still have everything, manufacturers boxes, paperwirk, receipts. Anyways can I sell them here to peope who actually know what these subs are, their quality, etc. Alpine's Top of the Line and were expensive. If you cannot sale here xan you guys kead me to a decent car audio site to help me saoe these things. I need room, they are a bit too much in my Silverado or else Id keep them. I have dropped the price as low as $415 which kills me and I am still sitting on them. Any help or advice would be appreciated

  14. Hey everyone I'm new here but not to the game. I have a question for anyone willing to help. I have a 14 ram 1500 crew cab and want to take my install to the next level. I want to run 2 sets of 6.5 components in the front doors, a set of 6.5 coaxial in the rear door with 2 subs under the rear seats. I'm using my factory deck so I'll list everything at the end. Question is about the wiring. How can I wire the components and the coaxial speakers? I want to run the fronts active as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    What I have:

    - 2 12" Sundown audio SA 12's in a Fox Acoustics custom enclosure

    - 2 sets of CT Sounds 6.5 PA strato components for the front doors

    - 2 6.5 coaxial for the rear doors

    - Sundown audio SAE2000 for the subs

    - Sundown Audio SAE400.4 for the highs I have now

    - JL Audio Fix 86 and JL Audio Twk 88 for processing

  15. Happy Bday Kyle! Drink one for me. Just uhh... Don't get hung over, K?

  16. New ford big block coming out, and its a pushrod v8, too bad im poor.

  17. New ford big block coming out, and its a pushrod v8, too bad im poor.

    1. Kyblack76


      Is there a video, or some link for info you came across, and could share?

       I'd like to see just because,.. and my old man would get a kick outta that

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  18. 3800 blew. C'mon income tax. Daddy needs to rebuild.

    1. Kyblack76


      Weird the protect didn't help. What version of 3800? Black or silver stripe ?

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  19. People still post build logs here?

  20. Just became a dealer for SecondSkin today! 

    1. Kyblack76


      good shit MOH.VZE.COM .... 

      i used a damn GRIP load of the B stock in a my blazer build, and in another buddys rig,  and was thrilled with the application, (wear some sort of glove, i mean, if your a puss lol, that foil backing is no joke lol) , .. it freaking stuck like it was born to be there. The actual deadening of the panels was night and day different.

      While the monster calming of vibrations/noise was cool as hell, it was the way they helped my mids in my doors sound, that i REALLY really dug. It really helped the mids gain a ton of low end, and just really came to life. Good stuff. Id do it all again, if given the same choices. ....for sure. 

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  21. Just became a dealer for SecondSkin today! 

    1. Kyblack76


      Nice man... good group of peeps massing there...

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  22. Had a blast at slamology finally got my truck metered did a 151.2 @ 27 hz on music pretty happy with setup. Was demoing like a boss all day no problems

  23. i broke my site doing an update today...working on fixing it now. Sorry things gonna be a little messed up for a few!

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