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  1. W.t.f how is robot underground talking smack on Scott (F.I) when all you have to do is google him and see he has no room to say anything 

    1. audiofanaticz


      He talks shit on every Company which is nothing new, everyone elses product is junk and made in China, but his no name below boss quality product that is also made in China is the best. His cheap $30 China mids are the best and can be compared to $500 Focals.....

    2. CstrokerV


      Yeah I remember back in the day he wasn’t honoring warranties blaming the person and shoddy workmanship 

  2. Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhh that is all

  3. blah waiting for my tax return so i can order another bat

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    2. CstrokerV


      Xs i have a 5100r so i need another or one the same size

    3. ShowtimeElectronics
    4. CstrokerV


      Lol yep was planing on it lol have to support the supporting companies....

  4. Tony is getting his hands on a taramp to show why the dd1 doesnt work on them

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    2. dangaranga


      I like how Tony offered to modify the DD-1's of those who run taramps to raise the level of distortion detection in the dd-1 just for them. lol they didnt seem to like that

    3. CstrokerV
    4. RooTxBeeR


      Lol staying away from taramps then

  5. Blah another year older

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    2. CstrokerV


      Yeah ill hit 40 next year im sure starting then it will go really fast lol

    3. CstrokerV


      Yeah ill hit 40 next year im sure starting then it will go really fast lol

  6. This not being able to sleep when im tired is getting old

    1. scooter99


      ZZZQUIL! That shit works!!!

    2. CstrokerV


      Been meaning to try

  7. blah blah blah better not rain tomorrow

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    2. Skullz


      I'm tired of rain, i say bottle that shit up and send it off to cali.

    3. CstrokerV


      me too every day i want to work in the yard or do something outside rain past month on my days off rain well one day it didn't but i was on restrictions and couldn't do anything

    4. Karkov


      same here, rain EVERY day off, FML........

  8. not sure if it is company wide but lowes has 3/4 mdf for 25 bucks at the moment

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    2. CstrokerV


      its premium grade lol.. usually like $37.. what i always use only have home depot and lowes and it seems the same

    3. magillaru


      Don't get birch from HD or Lowes....it's shit and if you're getting it from there, save some money and get some cheap plywood.....same thing except for the thin layer of birch on top they try to pass off as "birch".....

      Quality Arauco ply is really good and cheaper than birch.

  9. Its my bday i feel old today blah

  10. lol blah dont want to start shit

  11. Want to get Big Money Waster wire... Yeah boy!!!!!!!!!! lol

  12. weds 2 more lvl3 m1 with lvl3 m2 recones will be in my hand

  13. 8 lvl3 m1 12's with m2 recones mmmmmmmmm

    1. Purplehaze


      So what exactly is the difference between the 2 recones? I thought the only difference was the motor? (Are you sure your not getting level 4 upgrades?) Not being a dick, just curious..

    2. KillaCam


      I think the coil is different. They have different ratings, the m2's can take more power.

    3. CstrokerV


      Yeah the m2 are rated at 900 rms while m1s where 600rms and i can't get m1 recones anymore

  14. blah need a xs d7500 need money

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    2. CstrokerV


      there is but i have to pay the females shame on me

    3. WastedTalent


      Then either your pimp hand ain't strong enough or your pimp game is slacking. C'mon now man!

    4. Kyblack76


      Why only one 7500

  15. cant wait for my 6 lvl3 12s even though will only be running 1200 watts total for the time being

  16. dont get smacked

  17. want my car to be fixed

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