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  1. sup bitchez!

    1. Karkov


      Just thinking about that custom work the other day in your truck, where da fuck you been?!

    2. goodvibez


      umm got married, just hanging out haha!

    3. Kyblack76


      spencer ??? sup buddy

  2. Nice man these new caddi's are a huge step forward from previouse! So beautiful, the front end is killer love the headliglights and the tail lights kind of make me laugh because they are huge but super jealouse! I'm sure this is probably getting a reasonable system (have not read previous comments) but so many cool features happy for ya......maybe a little jealouse haha!
  3. Psssshhh....pocket change!! Honestly that was so sick wish we would have been able to stay long enough to see it...good times!
  4. Nice work guys! Cant wait to see the light show! Going to be figuring out a place for my vu-din in my burb here pretty soon. Looking forward to progress!
  5. Haha thats awesome she aint afraid to let people know what's up! Did she get a demo of the van? If so I literally have too many jokes................dirty
  6. I feel you on the dgaf lol! Was cool to get a looksies at all the smd rides when I got to meet you at your shop during autorama(if you even remeber that night haha) Maybe one day I'll be able to get some demo's of these rides I know I'm bringing my truck next year....soo much fun! for real though ready for some progress on this car whenever your ready to do work
  7. a dude and a chick delivered some parts from napa...asked for a demo...wish I had recorded this one...she was pretty cute when getting a hair trick lol!

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    2. audiolamb6


      damn scott just put it out there in for future vidz

    3. rockFord_Expedition


      2nd status update claiming a hairtrick, no videos.

      This guy.


    4. goodvibez


      Haha I wont tell her she will just see naked wemon getting hair tricks on my fb lol! I gave out some demo's tonight but no ladies :/ Soon I hope!

  8. Rusty's van is no joke! Possibly my favorite demo....He had the window back in but before he shattered his windshield when I got my demo but whew...that will suck some air outta your lungs!
  9. did my first hair trick tonight :)

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    2. _paralyzed_


      This status update is worthless without video

    3. goodvibez


      its on my FB as spencer cluff

      but its at night so shitty quality...girl said she would come back and do another vid...so...should put together something good

  10. Man you are braver than me...I was like 10' away and you could feel that bass in your chest! Plenty of nasty rides there, got my fill on demo's for sure!
  11. Man I have 1 Layer of SHCA in my rear doors where my port fires directly into it's friggin solidconcrete haha...I Dunno what your piutting in but I have a center console with all subs upfiring and I have no rattles.....my advice is to either silicone or expanding foam between the thin sheet metal roof and the crossbraces...thats where allot of rattles will happen then use deadener on the big open spans where is just bare roof first two layers would be plenty but thats just me...then use left overs to stick ontothe rest of the roof...best stuff Ive used and Ive used dynamat fat mat rattle trap and second skin...second skin is a close second. just buy the bulk pack...you can use as much as you want then any left overs just put in doors or the floor...your choice
  12. No! You cannot make yourself into a verb! I'm a verb now Lana! Deal with it!

    1. ROLEXrifleman
    2. scooter99


      Ummmm, Spenc, put the bottle down and slowly back away. Revisit it tomorrow. It's a new day and a new weekend! It'll be ok buddy!!

    3. _paralyzed_
  13. man that thing looks violent!! should play it for a few minutes with the doors open...see if you can get all that sawdust out haha! Good stuff man!
  14. Nice man! You deserve it! And it's nice that you actually need your sotm prize...I know I already spent my sotm winnings lol! But It's sad no more sotm for a while but I understand!
  15. Just gave my dads friend who is a cop a demo lmao! best reaction yet! Wish I had the camera mounted because he says yeah if anyother cop tries to give you a ticket...call me..I'll come deal with it haha :)

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    2. ImaNoob


      Its never a bad thing to have those guys on your side..

    3. mrd6


      haha thats awesome

    4. goodvibez


      haha scooter...very true!

  16. Damn thats clean! Good job on the repairs too! How did the bag mounts tear like that? Just from all the weight? Anyhow clean install and nice gear should go hand in hand like this, again great work!
  17. Just got my Phsy CD and so far...what are everyone's best hitting track fav's? My system is liking #3 "used too"

    1. dangaranga


      I like Papi and Ms&Rj's

    2. meade916


      MS&RJ's is my favorite but i also like coke boy :D i like em all really but some more than others.

    3. goodvibez


      Yeah Ms&Rj's is pretty sick!

  18. Just placed my order...oh and had to get me yet another vu-din could easily find a good place for that rf 500 in the new ride
  19. them 8's be gettin' it! Gotta get this song to show the niece's and nephews haha!
  20. Love it! Nice easy way to make a build more unified....good stuff guys!
  21. Man what a cool dad! Seriously though great work came out looking awesome! oh and self cooling amp racks are awesome! thats why I made self cooling amps I like not having to think about how hot they might be getting baking in my back window lol!
  22. Glad your back to hangin on the forum man!! We need to hang again sometime haha!
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