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1 Trunk Pack ALPHA DAMP versus 12 15's! Before & After Video!

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You sure that's not peel and seal that you used?


Lol at vs. Thread comment

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I hate long signatures....

...what the fuck is wrong wiht you you fucking fuckity fuck fuck head...

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Video pinned.

Again major props go out to Chris for shooting the video and giving us his unedited and raw feedback on how it performs. :drinks:

Have a question about Second Skin? E-Mail me!


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I think the Alpha Damp did a remarkable job of getting rid of most of his rattle and flexing.. If I had the money I would do that to my van also.. =) But yea overall I would buy and recommend Alpha Damp! =)

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03 Dodge Caravan SE

Alt. Stock

Head: JVC KD-A615

AMP: BOSS PH4000D Phantom Series Class D Monoblock


2 JVC CS-HX6947X 6X9 490w

2 JVC CS-V6937 DRVN 6X9 310w

2 JVC CS-V527 DRVN 5-1/4" 200w

Box: 2 Q Power 15" Woofers New Deluxe 2,000watts each

Carpeted and not ported

My small budget build


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