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Smoove's 1996 Chevy Ext cab C1500 Blowthrough RF, Fi, DD, SMD Meters 6th. updated pics start page 89

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This is a slow build log because I need to get the truck running again first.

Mods done to the truck over the years

  • 305 5.0 replaced with a crate 5.7 350 330hp 400ftlb torque
  • Auburn Posi with 4:10 gears
  • Shorty headers
  • Full Flowmaster dual exhaust from the headers back
  • 18" Dante Designs wheels licensed with the Cragar Logo. Like only 200 sets were made from what I am told.
  • shaved door handles
  • smoothy front bumper
  • Stillen Phantom grill
  • BIG 3 stinger HPM 0/1
  • Mechman 370 and 250 hairpin Alt, and JS 350 hairpin Alt
  • Rear bench replaced with custom mounted fold up jump seats.
  • Billet Dash
  • Belltech 2" 4" drop kit
  • Energy Suspension Polyurathane bushings Body mounts, sway bar, control arm
  • Edelbrock performer IAS shocks
  • 96 computer replaced with 2002 GM 0411 PCM (easier to mod)
  • Dyno tuned
  • XS s3400 under the hood
  • Automatic 4L60e to Manual NV3500 transmission swap.
  • Luk Clutch
  • Hurst short throw shifter kit
  • High performance distributor from DUI distributors
  • new carpet
  • new Corbeau racing buckets
  • Custom center console
  • Leaf spring helpers

still to be done

  • Fiberglass doors
  • Vinyl head liner
  • Seal off blowthrough
  • Vmax Manifold/plenum Spacer
  • get retuned on the Dyno
  • Caddy tail lights

Equipment purchased for the System so far

  • Copper CNF battery terminals
  • 150' Sound Quest Hybrid 1/0 70% OFC / 30% CCA
  • 2 Power T2000 Rockford Fosgate
  • 2 Fi SP4 15's with the new surround
  • 1 Power T15004 Rockford Fosgate
  • 3 sets of Fosgate T1675-s for the doors
  • 4 Rockford fosgate P2D4 8's
  • 3 sheets of 3/4 MDF
  • 72sqft of sound deadener
  • 6 Datasafe 135ah UPS batteries
  • Alpine IVA -105 HU

Still to purchase for the System

  • 1 set 4x6's for rear fill

And finally what I have for sound today

  • Crappy $90 Kenwood to get me buy (My cda-7878 died)
  • 3 1/2" Fosgate mids for rear fill (powered by headunit)
  • 4" Fosgate mids in each door (powered by headunit)
  • 1" Alpine Tweeters in each door (powered by headunit)
  • 2 Fosgate 8" D4 tuned 35hz
  • 1 Fosgate punch 500.2 bridged to 500 @ 4ohm

And now for pics of the truck and what it looks like today.



used pedal assembly for tranny swap

1 of 2 new seats


Hurst short throw shift kit

Performance Distributor



The Mess as it sits today




And here is the box plan for after the truck runs again


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You know I'm tuned in bro! You think that box might act like a 6th order?

4 fully loaded Fi sp4 15's

2 Crescendo bc5500s

Crescendo c1100.4

6 focal mids

Vifa tweets

5 XS Power d3100's

Pioneer avh-p4200dvd

All crammed into a mustang.


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Not sure how the box is gonna act. When I first posted the box design other people asked me if I expected it to act like 6th order. With the measurements I came up with the front chamber is tuned to about 210hz and the rear is tuned at 34hz. The more it gets questioned, the more I wanna build it just to see what it will do.

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Awesome looking GMT400 (Chevy Truck) !!!

Are you going to be using a bed cover ???

Also, are you going to be using 2 batteries under the hood ???

Kenwood / HELIX / Linear Power (For The Love Of Music) / Brutal Sounds / OverKill Electric Co 

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If I can find the older style snuptop tonneau cover I will cover it. But either way the box will get covered in bed liner. I will probably put the Batteries in the bed next to the box in front of the wheel hump.

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Great project to start with!!

Cant tell from the pictures or not, but whats on the ass of that thing? Do you have a shiny bumper or a smooth rollpan?

Love the shaved handles, and your box design!

I wonder how that thing will sound? Should be interesting!

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I still have the old stock bumper. A roll pan should get ordered around tax return time. I am also gonna reloacate the tail gate handle to the inside. The door handles took about 12hrs to do. When I was done I realized it should have only taken about 4hrs.

Gonna try to get the clutch pedal assembly swap done this weekend. So hopefully I will have some updates soon.

And I am planning on putting the battery's in the bed next to the box.

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And just for because I decided to add a pic of the in 1998 before it got a 2/4 drop. And the 8" fosgate subwoofer install I did in like 2000.

This was pic was taken after put on the American Racing directionals 1998


Here is my subwoofer install back in 2000. I was able to keep the bench installed so the wife was happy



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Definitely going to follow and stick around. Been looking for a good GMT400 build to follow that isnt 20 or so pages in already.

1999 GMC Suburban SLT
No system planned just yet.

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