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The L.A. Gunman (x-cop) drama unfolding now!!

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there are two types of gas that can be used one catches things on fire alot.

I also dont think he was that savvy. Smart enough not to paint himself into a corner but hes not an elite operator at all. hes 6 foot 270. You dont see alot of guys that big in the service that arent into bodybuilding. He didnt look like a body builder to me.


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thing i dont get is why earlier they stated that police only searched cabins that were known to be occupied and ones that showed forced entry and they only searched each cabin once. does that make sence? why only check once? what if a cabin was left unlocked so no forced entry was needed?

C-Fizzy, on 01 April 2012 - 01:06 PM, said:

Clip city bitch, clip clip city bitch. 10's, 12's, 15's, goin up in flames bitch.

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Apparently NEWS10 (here in Sacramento) has said that the news sites have said that the police scanners have been turned off and they no longer are able to get reports from them.

Doesn't that seem a little fishy? Is that back to cover their ass cause they allowed him to get away? Interesting!

Or maybe they could be trying to keep the media for giving away their plan of attack....

I can go with that too. They had just said they were able to hear the scanner until 10 minutes before they said "we can no longer get any reports from the scanner because they've cut that feed." But apparently this didn't happen until well after the fire had started.

Just trying to look at all angles. Crazy!

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Ok they're saying now that this is what happened, according to "a source".

They initially got there, SWAT. They broke out all the windows and fired in tear gas.

They opened up the PA System and told him to "surrender".

They gave him some time after several requests. Then they started using the "bear claw", or whatever it's called. They got 3 of the outside walls down and were ready to tear the 4th outside wall down when they heard a single shot and then the flames started.

That's where they're at now.

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