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The L.A. Gunman (x-cop) drama unfolding now!!

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On one of the live streams they said that there are reports on the scanners that he might have escaped from the cabin

Used to have a loud truck

2009 Corvette Z06, H/C/I, 150 shot, g force tune, 730rwhp/690rwtq

2013 F-150 limited, MPT Tune, leveled on 35"s

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yes, that makes you a huge dick! he killed guys for doing their job.... he killed guys protecting YOU!!

PSN: Rcp_soundz

Good rule of thump is go by what fuse size is being used in these amps. The higher the more amperage it pulls, this is what I look at.

I'll stick a 300 amp fuse in a potato and sell it to you for $2k.

1991 Mazda 323VERY small build thread here: http://www.stevemead...23-small-build/

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2012 Ram 3500. HTT 2nd Gen manifold Swap, HTT s465 Turbo, FASS 150, 6" S&B Intake, 5" TBE, RaceMe programmer, 8 inch tip (dumped over axle) 20x12s on 35s, 6 inch lift, Color match & haloed headlights, 30" lightbar flush mounted in bumper.

2 Sundown audio SD-2 12s and a Soundqubed Q1-1200d amp.

2000 s10 xtreme *SOLD*


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does it make me a bad person if im rooting for him ? i just have this thing where i have to root for the under dog.

you have this thing about rooting for muderer's? i would say it does make you a bad person. Kind of a real shit head.

I'm not rooting for him, but they've already lit up two cars trying to kill him without warning . What are they trying to hide?

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