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72 Chevelle System Fix - Worst install (by a shop) ever - REDO - FINISHED - Page 23 6/17/13

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Hey Steve, any idea how much he paid for that hack job? I hope he plans on taking some action against that shop that did that...

5 grrrrr

NO FREAKIN WAY......I would have flown to Cali and did a real install for that damn much.

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This is a disgrace! Exactly why I do all my stuff by myself. I'm no expert but I learn a lot by doing it on my own. I see a few ideas I'm gonna have to use on my build.

Not all shops do work like this, unfortunately the only time we see a shops work is when it is like this. I guarantee the over 7 thousand remote starters or just regular head unit speaker installs that I've done will never be posted on line. Hell I don't think I've ever taken pics of 90% of my installs just because I always had another car waiting lol.

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That was some shady ass install work right there but it'll be right once you're done with it.. I would love to be a fly on the wall at that audio shop when the owner got back from looking at the car,I can only imagine how that convo went

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i'm pretty sure its not a 72, the front end on the 72's only has two headlights, looks to be a 70


anyway i cant wait to see how it comes out, i'm sure youll do a great job as always

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The only way to delete your SMD account is for you crawl to steve meades door step on your knees and pleade for his forgiveness and acceptance to be released...He will either grant your wishes.....or choke you with a large piece of 0 gauge and electrocute you by hooking up a solid gold DC 12k at 0.000001 ohm and 10000 volts to your eye sockets and blow your head apart

You guys act like you have never clogged a toilet and ran around the bathroom frantically hoping it don't overflow.

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duck tape on the door panels? like are you serious. you might as well use duck tape to mount the subs while you're at it.

I think you have a bit of truck stuck in your mud bro

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in a 27Hz tuned ported box


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They say money can't buy you happiness...but money buys car audio...and car audio makes me happy.

The man makes the money, the money shouldn't make the man.

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Infinity Reference 6432cf (2)

48 sq ft. Damplifier

Big 3 in 0G

Optima YellowTop D75 under the Hood

XS Power D1200 in the rear

2 Full runs 1/0


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Pioneer DEH-P7200HD Headunit

2 Kicker Comp C15's

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2 Rockford Fosgate P1694 6X9's

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no no no no!

Glad you decided to post this!

It sounded hella bad when you where describing the install the other night, but WOWWOWOWOW this is straight up hack.
These pics make it so much worse then what you where saying!

Kicks are looking sexy already, I see your not wanting a 6by9 and a 6.5 per kick no more?? LOL

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Someone post up the shops business number and let SMD ass rape them for that install

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My old YouTube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/SwordLords1234?feature=mhee

My old build log : http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/161872-96-accord-b2-sundown-sky-high-dc-power-re-re-build-for-heatwave/page-37

My New Build - http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/207041-2016-mazda-6-sql-build/

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B2 Ref63 - 3 way active set

2 B2 Class H quattro's

1 B2 Zero.5R @.5

2 B2 HNv3 12 d2

B2 SLIP40 - Lithium in the trunk

Northstar Group 35 under the hood

100ft 2/0 welding cable

30ft 4ga welding cable

20ft 8ga welding cable

All stinger OFC speaker wire

Soundrive custom RCA's

Tons of attention to detail.... Can it be perfect?

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